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Enjoy a Behind the Screams tour of Georgia’s Most Terrifying Haunted Attraction!

Explore Paranoia Haunted House and see what frights await you this Halloween season!


Review: Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House

The end of September starts the beginning of many celebrated activities, football season, the arrival of Fall, and the opening of our favorite haunted attractions. Whether the thrill of the scare, the sound of the screams, or the smell of chainsaws roaring have you yearning to begin your adventure; haunt season has arrived and no

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Review: Sinister Suites

Nothing provides a chill up the spine like a good ghost story with a haunted hotel as the perfect setting. Pulling up to Sinister Suites in Griffin, Georgia to see a hotel that has been transformed into a haunted house…what a brilliant concept and the goldmine of ideas (in our opinion) for a haunted house!

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Review: Paranoia Haunted House

The spotlight dancing across the sky magnetically draws you in. The alluring sounds of heavy metal filter the faint screams lingering in the background. Immediately, one thing is certain…no one is safe and every fear will be triggered during your stay. Buckle up friends, this is our journey through Paranoia. Every year there is one

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Review: Terror Mills Haunted House

In Jackson, Georgia a new haunted attraction established roots and proved they are in for the long haul. Terror Mills Haunted House was a phenomenal walk through and our team was incredibly impressed by the sets and scares we experienced. From costuming to makeup and gorgeous sets, this haunted house is one to watch in

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Review: The Haunted Theatre of Hill Street

Nestled just south of Atlanta rests a charming town full of haunted history. Griffin, Georgia is also the home of one of the best charity haunted houses we have ever seen. On the quiet and spooky downtown road of Hill Street, tucked away inside Studio D is The Haunted Theatre of Hill Street. In their

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Review: Netherworld’s 20th Season of Screams

There is no better feeling than bringing a few rookies to a legendary haunted house. Netherworld in Norcross, GA consistently delivers a once in a lifetime scare experience and it’s no surprise they are consistently awarded in the top ten of haunted attractions in the United States each year. In their 20th season of screams,

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Review: Containment Haunted House

Navigating your way through 26 shipping containers while simultaneously dodging multiple zombie attacks may sound like a description of a new horror film or survival video game being released. Yet, just south of Atlanta in Lithia Springs, this is a real life situation and at Containment Haunted House it’s a fast paced, adrenaline packed experience.

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Review: Fear the Woods Haunted Attraction

Under the stars and strobe lights in Stockbridge, Georgia nestled in Yule Forest rests Fear the Woods. A short drive from downtown Atlanta, this haunted attraction is packed full of fright-tastic fun. On a chilly fall evening our team journeyed to Fear the Woods to explore the three haunted attractions on property: Terror Transport/Haunted Trail,

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Paranoia: Most Anticipated Haunted House for 2016

As scare enthusiasts flock to their favorite haunted attractions, talented crew members are wrapping up months of brain storming, designing, and set building. It is incredible to witness how much blood, sweat, and tears go into each event especially since most attractions are open less than 30 days. Before you journey to your local haunted

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