Review: Fear The Woods

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Fear The Woods is a truly unique haunted attraction and unlike anything you will experience in the state. Offering three haunted attractions at the Yule Forest in Stockbridge, Georgia, Fear The Woods offers a ton of variety and in one night guests are able to enjoy a spooktacular haunted house, haunted trail maze, and an interactive combat Zombie shoot. Our team was incredibly eager to experience Fear The Woods this year! As our Top Haunted Trail winner from 2016, we were excited to see what scares and new elements awaited us there this season.

Fear the Woods: Most Anticipated Haunted Trail for 2016

Anticipation soared after watching a quick teaser video on the rules of the Haunted House. It’s a perfect example of the incredible level of detail the crew produces in their attractions. This video was short and to the point yet was incredibly engaging in the delivery of the rules and amps up the energy for guests to start their adventure. The Haunted House at Fear the Woods delivered scares on all levels. From above, in front, & behind, the quality of spooks we experienced were simply perfect. Our team is comprised of various levels of haunt enthusiasts, meaning some of us are easily frightened and others will take a ton of effort to scare. The cast of characters we encountered managed to deliver scares we didn’t know could happen and no matter where we were placed in line, all of our team members received a fright or two. We were a bit nervous upon our entry into the house as we entered the attraction with 14 people in our group. Often, haunts do this to keep the line moving (Fear The Woods hit max capacity the night we toured) and to ensure a pulsing flow of guests into their attractions. While we entered with 14, we quickly lost all the others in front of us and at one point, it felt as though we had a private tour through the Haunted House! There’s not a single element we would change of this attraction and it was a fantastic upgrade from last year. We won’t spoil the scares for our readers, just know you’re in for a spooky treat during your tour through the Haunted House.

Fear the Woods: Most Anticipated Haunted Trail for 2016

Next up was Pandemic, a “combat field” where guests can test their Zombie killing skills. This field expanded in size from our last tour, allowing guests a longer walk through. A great feature added this year was the ability to choose your weapon (shotgun or assault rifle). We all chose the shotgun and though some of us “died” a few times, we loved the ability to change the style of ammo. The only thing we were disappointed in here was that we wanted more zombies out there to kill! There was simply not enough actors and too much dead space (no pun intended). Overall, it’s a killer good time!

Fear the Woods: Most Anticipated Haunted Trail for 2016

After our jaunt through Pandemic we hit up the Annihilator, a party bus with a fun surprise for guests that drove us down to The Haunted Trail. There, we experienced a wonderful guardian of the trail who delivered the rules. He was a great addition to the trail this year and we love how no matter the questions asked, a snarky and hilarious comment was always delivered. Our journey through the Haunted Trail wasn’t as impressive as our previous tour as many of our favorite elements from last year were removed and replaced with large animatronics that didn’t quite hit the mark for our team. Overall, the characters and scares that guests will encounter on their tour through the trail were well thought out and perfectly executed. It really is our favorite haunted trail in Georgia and we can’t wait to see the new additions the team will add next year!

Fear The Woods has done a fantastic job over the years and is a VERY popular attraction. But never fail, they WILL entertain you while you wait in line! One of our favorite acts, The Circus Bitties were on the scene to deliver show-stopping tricks as guests eagerly await their turn in line. Get your cameras ready because this stellar act will “light your fire” and leave you so mesmerized, you will forget you are waiting in line! There’s also a slew of characters you will encounter as you wait. They’re all brilliant in their skills and keep the scares coming no matter where you are waiting in line. If you ask nicely, they’ll even post for a selfie for you.

As we mentioned, Fear The Woods is a very happening place, so we highly recommend buying your tickets online. Also, be sure to wear closed toed shoes, as 70% of the haunted attractions are outside and you will walk on all types of terrain during your adventure. If we had to pick one attraction to do there…well, we would still pick all three! Don’t short yourself and purchase the combo ticket! Lines aren’t your thing? Pick up the VIP ticket to bypass all the lines. We can assure you that you and friends will not be disappointed during your tour of Fear the Woods. We experienced scares, laughs, and thrills, which in our book equals a great night out!

Tickets can be purchased online at This is the busiest weekend of the year so we highly recommend purchasing tickets now before they sell out. This is a spooktacular night out and is a MUST-SEE before the season ends.

Do YOU Fear the Woods?


For more information, visit Fear The Woods’ website. Advanced Ticket purchase can be accessed online here.  Fear The Woods is only open for a few more days, get out and experience this incredible Haunted Attraction before its too late!


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