Review: Containment Haunted House

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After seeing a sneak peek back in September, we were confident that we were going to see great things from Containment Haunted House this year. Finding a permanent home in Lithia Springs, this haunt is like no other you’ve seen before. This haunted house is built within several shipping containers which serve as the actual attraction. We are always amazed at how much terror Containment can pack into them!


When you first enter through the curtains, after experiencing a unique photo opportunity you will not be able to pass up as you exit, guests are immediately taken into the world of Ed & Ned;  brothers who have a fascinating collection of oddities they are DYING for you to explore. From creepy surgeons to an eerie pianist, you are forced to face your worst fears, and discover ones you never knew you had.

The level of skills the actors have in this haunt had our jaws dropping, and we found ourselves completely immersed in the environment. You become part of the story, and never know what lies ahead. We’ve experienced other haunts that draw out the dialogue a bit longer than necessary but that was definitely not the case here. The timing of each scene as they were played out was superb. We had a group of four, and every one of us received several frights! Hands down, the actors at Containment win the award for Best in Show because every single one we encountered delivered phenomenal performances. From the brothers upon your entry, the surgeon with the most frightening laugh, the eerily beautiful LIVE pianist, to the star of the show at the end; you will scream, laugh, and endure moments of terror. It’s one of the most spectacular haunted experiences we’ve enjoyed this year!

Each scene is visually stunning. The set designers undoubtedly worked endless hours to give guests a sensational journey that they will never forget. Upon entering what soon became one of our favorite scenes, a member of our team stopped dead in her tracks, literally in awe of the scene in front of her. Some of the effects used were breathtakingly exquisite, and we saw an array of techniques we’ve never seen before.

Just when you think your scares have concluded, you encounter an eerie tunnel hallway with a familiar silhouette patiently awaiting your arrival, one that isn’t quite ready for you to leave just yet. He will have you questioning whether you will be the next exhibit for their gruesome collection and a terrifying encounter at the end of your adventure lies in the hands of a game. Let’s hope you’re fast enough to escape!

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 3.46.35 PM

Containment is a MUST SEE this season. They continue to raise the bar, each year enhancing the theme, set design, and scares to a new level. We cannot wait to see the new elements and design tricks they offer next season! The small teaser we received at the end of our tour already has this Lithia Springs haunted attraction as our most anticipated for 2018!

Let’s play a game of tag, shall we? You’re it….get to Containment NOW to see who’s next.


Containment is only open for a few more days. Grab your friends and go enjoy a night out at this fantastic haunted house. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased on site at the box office or online here.


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