Review: Gates of Misery

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When you pull up to this haunted house in Rome, Georgia, you wouldn’t expect much. It’s a plain brick building with not really anything eye popping on the outside. Our crew told one another that we needed to go into this haunted house with an open mind. We were all left…speechless! The quality of this attraction was astounding and is a MUST-SEE on your list of haunts to hit this season!

As we waited in line to purchase our tickets, the scares popped out when we least expected it. Gates of Misery has two attractions on site, The Carnival of Misery and The Unnatural Museum of History. Carnival is the smaller of the two, so we entered it first. We’ve been to several dilapidated carnival themed haunts before, but this one blows all others out of the water. “Carnival” plays on everything that a Carnival of Misery could be and then some! From start to finish, our team received scares from all angles and in places we never expected. No matter where you are in your group, every person will receive a spook…or ten! We were definitely creeped out by the time we walked completely through and were stunned at how much we enjoyed this theme.

Next up was The Unnatural Museum of History. This was set up like, you guessed it, a museum. Every. Single. Room. Was…BRILLIANT! This haunt doesn’t do flashy props or expensive equipment, and frankly they don’t need to. The actors were beautifully camouflaged, completely blending in with each room’s theme, and provided phenomenal scares we haven’t experienced this season. Through the amazingly created sets, you are taken through history in ways you never knew existed.

This haunted house is different in the sense that it is very interactive with the guests. You have to open doors, move props out of the way, and figure out which direction to go next, all the while not knowing what will be waiting on the other side. Just when you think you have the scares figured out, a noise or visual will misdirect you, only to have something completely unexpected happen.


This by far has been our favorite haunted attraction this season. The amount of scares that Gates of Misery packs in the small building they have is absolutely mind blowing! Do us a favor and definitely check out BOTH of the attractions they have. We recommend doing Carnival of Misery first, followed by The Unnatural History Museum.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.27.23 AM

This haunted attraction is open select nights through the month of October, and the $20 combo ticket is a steal for the scares your group will encounter! Visit Gates of Misery online to pre-purchase your tickets and for more information. Happy Haunting, friends!



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