Review: Paranoia Haunted House

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It’s no secret that our team rated Paranoia as our Best Overall Haunted Attraction last season, and based on the preview we received just weeks before their opening, we expected nothing less. Every year Paranoia does something a lot of haunters don’t do–they gut the houses and start over with two new themes.They take the time to create an environment so immersive you truly forget where you are! This year, two new houses await guests… Experiment X and Slaughter Shack. Through both houses, you never know what to expect; What’s around the corner? Which direction do you go? What’s that noise? Where did that water come from? Paranoia isn’t for the faint at heart. Their visuals are very realistic, the sets are stunning, creating visuals for both of these houses that are one of a kind.

As soon as you pull up to the gates of Paranoia, safe zones are no longer an option. The scares start in the parking lot and the team of actors do a phenomenal job of entertaining guests no matter where they are on property. It’s a fantastic element to Paranoia, quite frankly, one of THE best queue experiences guests can enjoy at any Atlanta area attraction. Before you even enter inside the two haunted attractions, you’re already in fear for your life and the mood is just right to experience a good fright …or five.

Buckle up, friends, here’s our journey through one of Atlanta’s BEST haunted attractions. This is our adventure through….Paranoia Haunted House.



Blood, Guts, and MORE! Slaughter Shack is a non-stop adrenaline packed adventure immersing guests into their most terrifying nightmare. From start to finish, the characters you encounter, the scenes you waltz through, and the scares delivered are nothing short of perfection. Our entire crew was amazed at the level of intensity this house attains. Though the actors you come across may only be wearing blood splattered clothes and look like the every day hillbilly you may know, it’s an additional element of a scare that many haunted attractions don’t utilize more. Slaughter Shack truly feels like you’re walking through the shakes of a home deep in the woods. Guests are instantly transplanted into the realm of the most terrifying horror movie that takes every day situations and turns them into reality. A few scenes were eerily beautiful and our journey through Slaughter Shack was hands down one of the scariest haunted attractions we have ever experienced!


The screams and scenes one will endure in Experiment X will touch on every phobia and hit every physical sense that will lead you through a sensory journey unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed. Though this house lacked scare actors in some key areas, the quality of scares were intense and had our team eager to see more! There is no shortage of props in this haunted attraction and the level of entertainment far surpasses any other haunted house in the area. There’s a few surprises lurking around every corner and a few guests in your party may come out of this house soaked to the bone. Whether its due to the elements awaiting you inside or the fear that drenches you, we’ll never tell. Overall, Experiment X was a fright-tastic adventure and we can’t wait to see what the team at Paranoia will deliver next year (hint, we hear it has a heavy water theme!)

 Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 12.33.57 PM


We have heard from various friends and haunt enthusiasts who did have quite the wait to experience Paranoia (2+ hours). Trust us with our suggestion and purchase the VIP upgrade. It’s worth every penny and you go straight to the front of the line. Our friends did share with us that while their wait was long, it didn’t hinder the haunt experience at all. This is one thing we do have to commend Paranoia on. They will not sacrifice the guest experience to shorten the wait times. There will not be an endless conga line of guests in front of you, ruining the scare, unlike some major haunts in the area. The entrance queues are perfectly timed so every single group receives a thrilling adventure through Paranoia and every guest will feel as though they are the only guests within the walls of the attraction. So, if you’re reading this and coincidentally are waiting in line, be patient…it’s worth every scream and scare you’re about to encounter!

Paranoia is open select nights for the rest of the month so grab your friends and loved ones, hop in the car and go enjoy a spooktacular evening at this haunted attraction. Paranoia Haunted House is a MUST SEE experience. Do not miss it!

Visit Paranoia online to pre-purchase tickets and for more information.



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