Review: Escape Woods

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Located in Powder Springs, Escape Woods is an outdoor Escape Game facility where teams enjoy games that are fully immersive and allow you to feel like your are living out the plot of a movie. Our team had the opportunity to explore “Hillbilly Hell” a new addition to the 2017 Dark Woods series. The team at Atlanta Haunt Review loves a good escape room and the concept of one immersed outdoors was unlike anything we have ever seen. Here’s the recap of our journey through Escape Woods.
We were told to arrive by 9:30. Once there and checked in however, they told us our adventure would not start until 10, giving everyone enough time to go to the restroom, accommodate those who arrive late, etc. Our escape game didn’t even commence until 10:10pm.
While waiting, an employee who appeared to be the leader, came out and was chatting with the various groups of people excited to experience Hillbilly Hell. His language was not the cleanest (at least one F bomb was dropped), nor was he professional. He began explaining the rules and expectations and turned to another employee asking her if he forgot anything. She stuttered over her words, and before she could get out what she was trying to say, he proceeded to make fun of her and suggested she had Special Needs while doing a motion with his hands. We were absolutely appalled by that behavior.  Even if someone a playing a part, under no circumstances is that okay.
Finally we were taken to where the game began. The walk to our adventure was STELLAR. Dark, creepy, and with only the light of your cell phone allowing you to see in front of you. One tip of advice, wear closed toed shoes. Should the elements not be in your favor (rain, specifically) the walk is full of rocks, fallen branches, and debris.
The actors did a great impression of what one would imagine a hillbilly would sound like. It started off lighthearted and funny, until we got to this certain character. He began cracking dirty jokes, and trying to keep it light hearted, most everyone in our group laughed. But it didn’t stop there. This man was downright vulgar and there were bits of nudity involved. It would be different if it added to the show or character, but sadly it didn’t. It made some of our group feel extremely uncomfortable and appeared to be having the same effect on several other people that joined us as well.
When doing an escape room adventure, the people you are paired with can really make or break your experience. We were in a group of 14 people. That is too large of a number especially considering the game puzzles we had to endure. One light was given out to the entire group in an extremely dark setting in the woods. The man who had the light would go off and look for clues on his own, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. The actors stated several times (while trying to stay in character), that we needed to all stick together and the clues would be easier to work through. This guy did not seem to care. At this point, several people in our group were beyond frustrated, one even making the comment that she was bored and ready to leave.
The concept of this outdoor adventure was great, however we feel it was poorly executed. While the actors stayed in character the whole time, we weren’t given very clear instructions on what to do, where to go, etc. Several times we all were just standing around not knowing what we were doing.
We were extremely sad to have this be our experience and hope this was just an off night but our reviewers trust us to give an honest and fair review. Based on the unprofessionalism by the first employee, to the vulgarness of one of the characters, to the unorganized execution of the adventure itself, our team cannot recommend this particular Escape Game to anyone.
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