Review: Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House

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The end of September starts the beginning of many celebrated activities, football season, the arrival of Fall, and the opening of our favorite haunted attractions. Whether the thrill of the scare, the sound of the screams, or the smell of chainsaws roaring have you yearning to begin your adventure; haunt season has arrived and no better way to kick off our season than with a visit to Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House. Located in Douglasville, Georgia, burrowed alongside Interstate 20, rests one of Atlanta’s top haunted attractions and our #3 choice in 2016 for Overall Top Haunted House. Whether this is your first excursion through or your 15th, the frights experienced at Nightmare’s Gate are always consistent, terrifying, and incredibly fun.

The residents at Nightmare’s Gate hospital have taken over and no one is safe! The doctors, nurses, and orderly’s are ready and willing to make your stay as un-comfortable as possible. Though a few of our favorite actors were noticeably gone, our overall experience with the actors at Nightmare’s Gate was fantastic.

Upon our arrival it became quite apparent this was no ordinary trip to a local haunted house. Our crew was immediately greeted by the local residents who engaged with every single member of our team. In an instant one could easily perceive those of us whom would survive once inside and maybe a few of us who would call Nightmare’s Gate hospital home…permanently. A few of the greetings we encountered were characters we remembered upon our arrival last year. One of the most amazing features of this attraction is the level of professionalism the actors possess. Nothing will break their character, each one delivers an impactful and engaging performance, and some of them are so good at what they do – we were left feeling uneasy and seriously creeped out (BRAVO!)

Once inside, we were entertained by a pre-show where the rules are given and the story line continues. One thing is for certain, the pre-show (same as last year) is still one of the best we have seen in Georgia.

Though much of what you experience may cause a bit of deja-vu, the few scenes that were added this year were absolutely fantastic. Let’s just say, if you’ve had the opportunity to play The Evil Within, there are particular scenes that quite literally transplant you into the walls of Beacon Hospital. We didn’t want to leave as we explored the scene of an abandoned hospital hallway. This set was designed to perfection and not only do you feel as though you have been planted in the middle of your worst nightmare, it now resembles the scenes you never thought you would have to survive. You will crawl, you will encounter scares on every level, and at one point you may even run for your life…literally.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 8.04.46 PM

From start to finish our experience was just shy of perfection. From the incredible team of actors we encountered, the stunningly gorgeous set design, to the talented crew who work year-round to create custom made props, Nightmare’s Gate delivered a scary good time! Be ready to expect an adrenaline induced, fright-filled adventure, and no matter what you do remember one tip….stay to the left!Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 8.39.59 PMNightmare’s Gate received 4 out of 5 skulls and a 85/100 overall from our team.

For a reasonable $25 per person for a lengthly visit (our tour was just shy of 30 minutes) and open Friday-Sundays throughout the month of October, we advise going early but should you have to wait, you’ll be constantly entertained by the actors that roam the queue lines. Tickets can be purchased directly on site (look for the bus) where very friendly staff can answer any questions you may have. Grab a t-shirt for $20 and leave with a great souvenir of your adventure too.


Want to bring the kids? No problem here. One of the best ways to include young haunt enthusiasts is by obtaining a special item that will allow the kids to become the hero of the haunt! The beholder of this blinking item becomes the hero as they walk through and see first-hand the monsters becoming afraid of the young ones that have the courage to explore. There is no additional cost and is a great option for the young ones eager to experience their first haunted house.

For more information, including ticket purchase, head over to their website and grab your tickets to experience a MUST-SEE Georgia haunted house.



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