Big Changes coming to Containment Haunted House

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“Watch out for the creature in the closet.”


written by Richard Rock
This may be the most frightening phrase you hear this season as we were invited for an exclusive sneak peek of Containment Haunted House in Lithia Springs, Georgia.

Open since the fall of 2013 at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia, Containment has moved twice since its initial conception.  With new ownership in 2015, Owner, Buddy Harrleson and Operating Manager, Joey McCullough began a revision; to develop a haunt experience truly unique to their guests and last year they really ramped it up that left us here at Atlanta Haunt Review wanting more.

The day we went for a sneak peek, construction was still going on and they were conducting actor rehearsals.  Joey McCullough is extremely proud to see Containment become very actor driven. They believe in this so much that they start holding auditions in May!  We asked how a turnout is for a haunt so early in the year pans out.  Joey let us know that the they had a prime group of individuals that came out and they had a lot of passion.  They continued holding auditions over the summer and from what we saw you will not be disappointed!

If you visited Containment last year, you will notice something different immediately.  Yes, they are at the same address but another project during the year has been a complete move of the haunt.  According to Joey, this move allowed them a much better haunt experience when weather becomes a challenge.  They are on higher ground, they have installed overhead roofing and new this year: the entire haunt has flooring.  In the past, a guest would venture in and out of massive storage containers with the ground in between each one.  Thus on a rainy night, mud may have become an issue not only for guest but the actors themselves and maintenance of mud being tracked everywhere.  This issue is now eliminated as we walked on the new flooring.

As the move progressed onto the new area of land also was the new possibilities that laid before the owners to give everyone a much more frightening experience this year.  We don’t want to give spoilers but we will say that there is a preshow that may cause some to run before even entering the actual haunt itself.  There is many new rooms to experience this year and as one of our team said, “this room already gives me the creeps” and that is with the lights on!

We cannot wait to go back when the lights are off to explore the new haunting at Containment Haunted House which opens September 29, 2017.

Containment Haunted House 1320 Blairs Bridge Road, Lithia Springs, GA 30122

For more information, including online ticket purchase, visit


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