Blood, Guts, and More! Behind the Screams of our Most Anticipated Haunted Attraction of 2017

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Blood, guts, and gore. Three words outside of the haunt industry seemingly would cause panic and fright. At Paranoia Haunted House the team not only laughed at the challenge to beat their award-winning 2016 haunted attraction, they promise to deliver so much blood, guts, and gore, you will walk away speechless. With two brand new attractions, ExperimentX and Slaughter Shack, Paranoia Haunted House has created an experience unlike any other haunted attraction in the South and allowed our team an exclusive Behind the Screams tour of their 2017 haunts.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our pick for Best Overall Haunted House (2015, 2016) you’ve truly missed out on some of the most innovative displays of haunting we have seen in years! Paranoia Haunted House consistently delivers phenomenal scares, incredible scenic design, an outdoor queue so fantastic it beats every scare zone in the state, and a team of actors who provide a haunt experience you have to see to believe.

One of the most impressive features of Paranoia Haunted House is their ability to completely destroy their haunted attractions in the off season and build a new design from scratch. Every single year. This allows guests to enter a completely new attraction, become immersed in a new story, and allows the team to incorporate fresh and innovative elements that will keep you on your toes throughout the entire haunt experience.  From hours of actor training, adding features that will BLOW your mind (seriously, the interior pre-show will have you in Selfie heaven), to spending hours upon hours building a set that will immerse you in a world of horror. The team has out done themselves this year with additions allowing the team to deliver scares from every angle. No where is safe upon your entry into Paranoia and just when you think you may be able to take a breath….well…we will allow your imagination to fill in the blanks here.

Atlanta Haunt Review 052

If the incredible visuals from the sets aren’t the element you seek with anticipation for your adventure through this haunted attraction, the addition of a new team member with a masters degree in blood, guts, and gore just might. Bryce Alexander (Bryce Horror FX) has joined the ranks allowing Paranoia Haunted House to become a powerhouse in every category. His expertise in special effects makeup and scenic design are astonishing, delivering an intense and incredibly realistic look. The teaser we experienced was enough to creep us out and yearning for more!

Atlanta Haunt Review 057

With mind-blowing design elements, made from scratch animatronics, water features (yes, my friends you will get wet), and a few rooms that will defy your senses on every level, let’s explore the themes and backstory of Paranoia’s newest attractions:

Every town has stories. Urban legends that have survived through generations. Most are just that…stories and legends. But every now and again, one of those stories ends up being true.
In the small town of Oakwood, Kentucky there has always been talk of a house somewhere deep in the woods…deep in the darkness. This house is home to no one but the dead and those who bathe in their pain. A haven for the sickest of men. Murderers, cannibals, psychopaths, and more descend on this place to satiate their hellish desires. It is a paradise for those who drink blood as though it were a fine whiskey. They call it the Slaughter Shack.
The foolish people who go looking for this house don’t come home. The people who go looking for them don’t either. But people still go looking, desperate to find this place of legend, this blood-soaked torture chamber filled with the devils of earth.
You need to find the truth. You need to go out there. You need to find the Slaughter Shack. But will you come home?
Dr. Tobias Warner is an evolutionary and molecular biologist with expertise in both fields of study. Formerly employed as a military contractor, primarily in the field of weapons research and development. Warner is also highly gifted in technological research and implementation of what he called “biological enhancement”. Dr. Warner held an obsession with “creating the perfect human specimen” via his own biological endeavors and was deemed unstable. Subject was terminated from government employment and arrested upon independent investigation of his “experiments” in a privately-owned and unauthorized laboratory in New York.   Government investigators entered the property to discover Dr. Warner’s projects. These findings were described by witnesses as “gruesome”, “horrifying”, and “devilish”.   Dr. Warner was also found on the premises and placed into federal custody but managed to break free of his restraints “with ease” and escape into a nearby wooded area. An exhaustive search was completed but unsuccessful.
New information suggests that Dr. Tobias Warner has been continuing his experiments in an abandoned factory in the southeastern United States in an area north of Atlanta.  Expect that Dr. Warner has continued his pursuit of a “perfect human specimen” via methods of “test tube” incubation described in his personal notes. Locals also report “horrible sounds” from the nearby woods and sightings of “creatures”. Local authorities have been instructed to stand down until investigation is complete. You and your team will enter the factory on a reconnaissance basis and report any findings. This operation is to be kept classified as is the case with all operations of a paranormal nature. Find Dr. Warner and report back with his location and condition. You will rendezvous with designated point personnel on the ground near the facility.
Some tips & advice for those attending Paranoia this Fall…
1) BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY! The wait is long – be prepared for a 2+ hour wait on peak nights. The team at Paranoia will not sacrifice the scare and want every guest to enjoy the attraction. Combo tickets for both attractions are only $30. Lucky for you, online tickets are now available (which saves a good amount of time). Click here to purchase yours now:
2) Bring your friends and be prepared for a KILLER night out. One of our favorite elements is an outdoor queue power packed with tons to do while you wait for your turn to enter inside the main attractions. From amazing scare actors, endless photos opportunities, and your favorite horror films on display while you wait; every detail is there and we advise you to take advantage of all of it. Don’t forget to “check-in” on social media while you wait. Remember to use #AHR2017 and #paranoiahauntedhouse on your photos!
3) LET ME SEE YOUR SELFIE – Never have we seen so many fantastic opportunities to load your social media feed. Snap away and don’t forget to take a photo to capture your haunt experience with your favorite characters. Remember to meet Brutus and snap a pic once inside. He won’t bite…hard.
4) Don’t want to wait in line? We have you covered. Be a haunt VIP and grab that Paranoia Pass. Only available at the ticket office, this pass will get you straight to the front of the line! If lines aren’t your thing, pay for the pass, it’s worth every penny!
Paranoia Haunted House is opening on September 29th, 2017 and open select nights through October 31st. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate, 
Paranoia Haunted House
More for details visit, Paranoia Haunted House
Written by Michelle Daniels
Photos courtesy of Paranoia Haunted House, Jacob Peterson

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