Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl

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by Richard Rock

   July 29, 2017 had two things going on that featured zombies here in Atlanta, Georgia.  First, the Walking Dead was filming today for the upcoming season and in the heart of Atlanta 400 zombies descended onto the sidewalks of area bars for the 8th annual Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl put on by Markster Productions.
What is a zombie pub crawl you ask?  This is where you get the chance to be a full on zombie and walk into the allowed local establishments to drink, grab a bite to eat and socialize with other zombies.  A time where it is ok to break out the monster make up and fake blood when it is not even October.  If you purchased tickets in advance you had the options of getting a commemorative t shirt of the event along with other items.
Not that experienced in zombie makeup, that is ok at the Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl.  Each year, owner Mark Baggett, brings in Atlanta talented make up artists who are at the ready to zombify you any way you like.  Want extra bloody? New, this year was a blood tent for just that purpose.
Not only just a pub crawl, this one brings in extra vendors to sell their zombie wares and photographers ready to capture your non living moments.  As you descend onto the pub crawl, each bar you stop at has a a special zombie shot. After you finish the crawl, zombies head back to the beginning, at Diesel in Virginia Highlands, for a huge after party.
It may not be October but it is never too early to get in the spirit of dressing up with some friends and going out as zombies from time to time.  We are happy to see an event like this continuing to be a success after 8 years and looking forward to many more.


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