Review: The Ghosts of Marietta

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Tales of ghostly apparitions from the Civil War, unexplained deaths with strange circumstances…we must be on The Ghosts of Marietta tour! In the month of October with spooks and scares all around, there are those whom enjoy a historical tour through their favorite cities. For guests who travel to Marietta, Georgia the added bonus of hopping on the trolley for the Scaryetta Ghost Tour, are treated to an evening full of fright-tastic fun.

Our team had the pleasure of taking part in an exclusive event for Halloween season…The Escape Tour. Partnering with The Escapery, Marietta’s newest escape room, The Ghosts of Marietta created a spooktacular evening for all ages to enjoy. It’s the perfect way to experience two of Marietta’s most exciting adventures in one thrilling evening. A three hour tour to be exact as your journey comprises of a an hour long ghost tour of Marietta and a 60 minute adventure to solve clues and find your way out of the “Upside Down” at The Escapery.

“All aboard!” Our adventure began upon the Scaryetta trolley as our tour guide, Shiloh, described the events to take place during our evening and then promptly handed each duo a puzzle to solve for the escape room. It was a fantastic warm up to test our brain power for the riddles to come. Though a little difficult to maneuver on a car ride over to The Escapery, it was a hilarious jaunt to see those who could handle the twists and turns while solving a series of puzzles, allowing the ones who solved the code an “extra” clue once inside the game.

We were then split up into groups and enjoyed The Escapery‘s season game “The Upside Down”. We reviewed our excursion separately. You can journey here to see our full review of our Escape Room adventure.

With our brains put through a series of difficult tests, a nice rest upon the trolley was needed. We were whisked away as our tour began through the haunted streets of Marietta. Shiloh was an animated guide, offering the stories and tales of all the hauntings that partake throughout the city. He seemed a bit “scripted” at times but nonetheless gave a wonderful performance. The bus driver, Terry, was one we would particularly LOVE to tour with again. He was incredibly knowledgeable and shared with us a ton of information we may never have heard during the tour, including where the final resting place of Jon Benet Ramsey is and the history behind the visually stunning Confederate cemetery.

We will not spoil any of the tales you’ll hear along the way as many are truly chilling and left some in our group the desire to come back and explore more of the places we visited. For the most part, this tour is completely seated with little walking. We would have enjoyed the opportunity to explore more of the cemeteries we passed by but understand the city may not allow this. It is a fright-filled evening full of tales of the spirits haunting Marietta square and the streets within a few miles of it. Though we didn’t see any apparitions on our tour, we did enjoy having the opportunity to photograph a few of the locations to see if any of the spirits lingered as we passed by.

Overall, our team had a great time. A few of our team members plan to come back and enjoy the Haunted Pub Crawl as well as the Haunted Walking Tour they offer too. The scares don’t stop just because Halloween is over! This tour, my friends, is offered year-round. Head over to for more information, including tour dates and to book your excursion now. It’s a spooky good time!


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