Review: The Escapery "Upside Down" Escape Room

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Ready for an action packed evening full of spooktastic fun? Think you can find your way out of a “locked” room in under 60 minutes? Apply your skills at The Escapery, Marietta’s newest escape room adventure where your problem solving skills are put to the ultimate test. Can you survive a thrilling hour while navigating through an array of puzzles? Solve the riddles and find the clues to find your way out and be victorious.

Our team had the pleasure of taking part in an exclusive event for Halloween season…The Escape Tour. Partnering with The Ghosts of Marietta, The Escapery created a spectacular evening for all ages to enjoy. It’s the perfect way to experience two of Marietta’s most exciting adventures in one exhilarating evening. A three hour tour to be exact as your journey comprises of an hour long ghost tour of Marietta and a 60 minute adventure to solve clues and find your way out of the “Upside Down” at The Escapery.

Our adventure began upon the Scaryetta trolley as our tour guide, Shiloh, described the events to take place during our evening and then promptly handed each duo a puzzle to solve for the escape room. It was a fantastic warm up to test our brain power for the riddles to come. Though a little difficult to maneuver on a car ride over to The Escapery, it was a hilarious jaunt to see those who could handle the twists and turns while solving a series of puzzles, allowing the ones who solved the code an “extra” clue once inside the game.

After the waivers were signed, our team were lead to a room and explained the rules of the game…60 minutes, one way to exit, endless clues at your fingertips, and only 3 times the assistant can offer a small piece of advice to get you out. Could we possibly find our way out of “The Upside Down?”

With the door slowly closing behind us we scattered around the small introductory room, looking through every nook and cranny attempting to locate the key to lead us into the next room. I have no clue how long it took our team to navigate this small room but it felt as if we wasted a lot of time on a clue completely insignificant to finding the way out. This is one “flaw” of escape rooms. If you’re teamed up with others who get fixated on a particular clue that could waste precious moments and delay your next move, especially when they’re taken out of context. Groups may or may not have teammates with strengths or weaknesses in solving the clues to get your further into the game, we hope you’re the chosen ones teamed up with a individuals savvy to puzzle solving. Our group had a few leaders, a few who enjoyed observing, and a few who were fantastic at taking orders to navigate the codes to get us out. To survive any escape room, groups truly need to work as one unit. Thank goodness, our team worked magnificently together to tackle the series of clues we were able to uncover.

There were many fantastic puzzles in this room and challenges I’ve never witnessed in an escape room setting, offering seamless gameplay. For those who are fans of “Stranger Things”, do not let the title of this room throw you (like we were), this room is simply inspired by the show, it does not take place in the Upside Down or even in the same time period. Though we were a bit disappointed to not see elements we thought would have been included from the show, our experience was still a ton of fun! Of all the escape rooms we have participated in, hands down this was the best one. It was really interactive, offering puzzles and clues of all sorts, and made sure to utilize every portion of the brain possible.

Though our team didn’t escape in the allotted time, we were only two clues away from navigating our way out. Our advice? Make sure to designate a person to watch the clock because unlike other escape rooms there isn’t a ticking clock displayed for all to see. While some in our group were a bit annoyed by this, I found it exhilarating as it was an added piece of the puzzle that we were forced to observe. In the end, not paying attention to the time was our ultimate failure in escaping.

Without a doubt, we will be back to experience more adventures at The Escapery! We’re already planning our next outing with a few others to join us for an evening out again soon. The creative team  did a phenomenal job with set decor, eerie elements, and truly difficult clues. The Escapery offers a plethora of rooms to choose from and is the perfect opportunity to receive an adrenaline rush you’ll not experience anywhere else. We’re incredibly excited to explore The Escapery again soon. Hopefully this time…we will escape!

Are you ready for the challenge? Head over to for more information and to book your next adventure. Good luck!


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