Review: Paranoia Haunted House

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The spotlight dancing across the sky magnetically draws you in. The alluring sounds of heavy metal filter the faint screams lingering in the background. Immediately, one thing is certain…no one is safe and every fear will be triggered during your stay. Buckle up friends, this is our journey through Paranoia.

Every year there is one house that simply does everything right. The formula works perfectly, the flow is seamless, the actors are on point, and the scares are terrifying. Paranoia Haunted House in Canton, Georgia hit the jackpot this year with their haunted attraction. Our visit from start to finish was near perfect and is easily one of the best haunt experiences we have ever had. To be honest, we were curious how they could possibly top last years haunt which we unanimously decided was the Best Haunted House in 2015. Not only did they demolish last year, they created a duo of haunted houses that set the bar extremely high for expectation in the coming years.

A horde of actors eagerly await your arrival as sliders, demented bunnies, psychotic patients, and masked demons treat guests to scares as they purchase tickets and nervously wait their turn to enter. Paranoia did a remarkable job including a plethora of photo ops for guests to enjoy. The actors will join you for a photo or two, entertain you while you pose for the camera, and then deliver a perfect distraction for terrifying scares to occur from all angles surrounding your party (you’ve been warned!)

The two haunted houses on property this year are vastly different from each other and both offer a spooktastic adventure in their own way. We suggest going through Torture first and then ending your journey with The Cellar. No matter which path you choose, we guarantee you’ll leave wanting to go through again!

Our tour through Torture was great, full of twists and turns we didn’t expect to see. This house isn’t for the faint of heart. Guests are literally transported to a world full of violent pain. If the initial part of the tour hasn’t caused you to cower in fear yet, one final video montage explains the intense scenes to be observed will display mutilation only seen in horror films. You will experience thrills and scares unlike any other. You will feel claustrophobic. You will have your personal space invaded. You will leave terrified. And for a moment a thought may cross if what you’re witnessing is real. This house is that good, friends and the actors inside delivered a phenomenal performance. We won’t spoil the scares but will share a few tips…watch your step and enjoy the ride!

Though the scares at Torture were fantastic, The Cellar was hands down the best haunted house we have EVER been through. From start to finish, this haunt incorporated every phobia imaginable. There will be spooks from every angle possible and at one point a few of our team members were so jolted by scares, they ran into the next room. This non-stop fear ride was incredible and trust us, you will love every minute! Will we provide a full spoiler filled review of this haunt after the season ends but for now we refuse to spoil any of the scares you will encounter during your journey though The Cellar. Take our advice and enjoy every moment because haunted houses like this one are few and far between. Bravo, Paranoia, Bravo!

We have heard from various friends and haunt enthusiasts who did have quite the wait to experience Paranoia (2+ hours). Trust us when with our suggestion and purchase the VIP upgrade. It’s worth every penny and you go straight to the front of the line. Our friends did share with us that while their wait was long, it didn’t alter the haunt experience at all. This is one thing we do have to commend Paranoia on. They will not sacrifice the guest experience to shorten the wait times. There will not be an endless conga line of guests in front of you, ruining the scare, unlike some major haunts in the area. The entrance queues are perfectly timed so every single group receives a thrilling adventure through Paranoia and every guest will feel as though they are the only guests within the walls of the attraction. So, if you’re reading this and coincidentally are waiting in line, be patient…it’s worth every scream and scare you’re about to encounter!

Paranoia is only open a few more nights so grab your friends and loved ones, hop in the car and go enjoy a spooktacular evening at this haunted attraction. Paranoia Haunted House is a MUST SEE experience. Do not miss it!


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