Review: Terror Mills Haunted House

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In Jackson, Georgia a new haunted attraction established roots and proved they are in for the long haul. Terror Mills Haunted House was a phenomenal walk through and our team was incredibly impressed by the sets and scares we experienced. From costuming to makeup and gorgeous sets, this haunted house is one to watch in the coming years.

With a combined 24 years of experience, owners Kyle Moncrief and Barry Flanagan are not new to the haunt industry and decided this was the year to share their expertise with the public. With only 51 days and a limited budget to completely renovate, breakdown existing walls (not to mention hauling out hordes of debris and trash) and build Terror Mills, it’s amazing to see what this team accomplished in such a short period of time. The scenes were stunning; well thought out, meticulously executed, and flowed nicely. The additional wooden house and mausoleum sets were highlights of our tour, allowing guests to become immersed inside the world of Terror Mills.

Our only complaint is the lack of backstory. While we understand most haunted attractions do not provide a tale of what is to come once you enter, at Terror Mills, the characters you meet are so intriguing you yearn to know more about them. Specifically, the caretaker of the mills, Magnus Von Bugtussel who greets you as you enter the front gate. The interaction with this character far surpasses any other we have experienced this season as he created an additional eerie element, setting the tone for a magnificent adventure through the mills. Make sure to watch the key, it is simply spooktastic!

Upon your visit, you will encounter actors of all ages. All of whom stayed in character and created an environment so immersive, you may find yourself speed walking to the next room. The interaction with the cast was up to a level of a well established haunted attraction. The clowns were a great addition, adding an element of ghoulish delight during the tour. At one point, guests may be split up which is such a simple yet effective trick. If you’re the odd person out, it immediately creates a nervousness inside, as you feel the aloneness and separation from your party with the heightened anticipation of what may happen to the person you see on the other side of the screen. We can’t wait to see how they expand upon this in the future.

The costuming and makeup were outstanding! You can see the expertise and meticulous level of detail that went into each actors look. When the lighting was just right it created a perfect, movie quality “appearance” allowing guests to be submerged into their world.

Overall, our team was blown away at the incredible amount of creativeness and hard work that went into creating Terror Mills Haunted House. Fantastic use of space (most of which hasn’t even been utilized yet) while permanently residing at this location will allow Barry and Kyle a full year to create next years haunted attraction. If they can create this incredible world in 51 days, we cannot wait to see what they do with 365. Without a doubt, Terror Mills….we will be back!

Tickets can be purchased onsite at 175 N Benton Street, Jackson, Georgia. Follow them on Facebook for more information.

Happy Haunting!



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