Review: The Haunted Theatre of Hill Street

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Nestled just south of Atlanta rests a charming town full of haunted history. Griffin, Georgia is also the home of one of the best charity haunted houses we have ever seen. On the quiet and spooky downtown road of Hill Street, tucked away inside Studio D is The Haunted Theatre of Hill Street.

In their 8th year, The Haunted Theatre of Hill Street incorporated the haunted history of Griffin in their theme as guests are able to explore The Tunnels. Legend surrounding the tunnels that network under the city scape offer an incredible journey into the eerie past and though the rich history of the town. For those wanting an audible experience, there’s even an amazing serialized docudrama podcast dedicated to the mysteries of The Tunnels (we’ll link it below). Though you will not need to know the tales of the strange circumstances and urban legends to enjoy this haunted attraction; it does provide a smidgen of backstory associated with the haunted experience you will enjoy during your adventure through The Haunted Theatre.

Click the photo to be directed to The Tunnels Podcast

We will warn you as navigating your way through the quiet streets of downtown Griffin can be a little confusing. In the dark of night and not familiar with the area, it is a bit difficult to see The Haunted Theatre as it seamlessly blends into the store fronts resting on Hill Street. Though a bit difficult to see Studio D (where The Haunted Theatre calls home) it plays beautifully into the theming of The Tunnels.

After purchasing tickets, guests are greeted by a character in a hard hat who explains the history of the tunnels and how you’re about to venture through them. From here forward, the entirety of your experience is brilliantly themed and executed. It’s hard to imagine you’re actually walking through a dance studio at times as the basement is magnificently transformed to give all of the feelings and appearance that you’re truly trapped in a tunnel. You will crawl. You will feel uncomfortable. You will be claustrophobic. And it is awesome!

The Haunted Theatre exceeded expectations from the moment you have to crawl to enter until the moment you breathe fresh air upon exiting. Guests are warned about the insanity and chaos in the tunnels and the inhabitants you may stumble across. One of the standouts is a young woman named “Victoria”. The interaction with her is spooktacular as she curiously asks questions and will haunt your space until you give her an answer. Play along, be creative with your responses as she has a quick comeback for everything. Collectively, the entire cast were remarkable and did not disappoint; creating an environment of characters one would conceptually encounter while trapped in a tunnel. Their performances are reflections of the passion, hard work, and incredible dedication of creator and managing director Robert Chauncey. No detail is left out and the transformation over a few short months only to be torn down with a completely different theme each year is mind-blowing.

The level of brilliance shines brighter when they unveil that their hard work all go to benefit a great cause. All of the proceeds from ticket sales directly benefit the arts, specifically the Griffin Ballet Theatre. For only $7 guests can experience this fantastic haunted house. This truly is an event for all ages as The Haunted Theatre of Hill Street offers various ways for younger generations (and let’s be real, some adults too) to enjoy The Tunnels. For the same price guests can purchase a Level One ticket, where all of the actors come out in the open, will goof around with the kids, hive five them, dance, even sing songs. This is great opportunity to allow all ages to enjoy their haunted house and hopefully creating future haunt enthusiasts in the process.

The entire cast and crew at The Haunted Theatre of Hill Street are incredibly deserving of the 4 skull rating and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next year. Open for only one more weekend (October 28th and 29th) we highly recommend this haunted house for anyone near the Griffin area. Tickets can be purchased onsite at 111 North Hill Street, Griffin, Georgia.

Happy Haunting!


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