Review: Netherworld’s 20th Season of Screams

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There is no better feeling than bringing a few rookies to a legendary haunted house. Netherworld in Norcross, GA consistently delivers a once in a lifetime scare experience and it’s no surprise they are consistently awarded in the top ten of haunted attractions in the United States each year.

In their 20th season of screams, the team at Netherworld brought out the big guns (quite literally) and ensured there was a scare lurking around every corner. The two haunted attractions this year: Monster and Vault 13 Meltdown were intense walk throughs of completely different realms, each offering unique experiences to leave you speechless.

For those who have never had the honor of traveling through this haunted house, allow me to present you a literary visual. From top to bottom, every piece of this haunt is beautifully designed and set dressed. The sheer scale of this haunted attraction is mind blowing. Year after year it feels as though you stepped onto a movie set or into another realm than a haunted house. Over 40,000 square feet, two haunted houses on property, plus a plethora of Netherspawn (the scare actors you encounter) to entertain each guest. They call it a world for a reason and it’s not just for gimmicks.

As you enter the queue line, guests are treated to a museum full of props from various horror films, tv shows, and other memorabilia owners Ben Armstrong and Billy Messina have collected over the years. You’ll never see experience an interactive queue like this again, take our word and enjoy every moment.

Make your way through the entrance and you’re off to explore. There is so much going on inside Netherworld that we couldn’t possibly spoil any of it. The sets are impeccably designed and as you stare in awe of its beauty, Netherspawn seamlessly blend into every nook and cranny delivering scares from every angle. Often our group screamed “Is this real? Where did they come from? How did they do that?” and BAM you’re jolted by a scare from another angle. Traveling through dizzying vortex tunnels, mirror mazes, and scenes altering your reality create a visually stunning walk through and something you will not experience anywhere else.

This was the first year we did not attend on a weekend night and ventured out on a Wednesday evening instead. It made a massive difference as this was the first time we were able to enjoy Netherworld without the endless conga-line that consistently forms during peak nights. This allowed us to actually experience Netherworld in its element, the way it was intended to be seen, and it did not disappoint. Not having the scares spoiled from the group ahead created an unbelievable experience that actually terrified majority of our group. A handful of times we would switch places so we all were able to enjoy the variety of scares occurring throughout. If I could journey through this haunted house once a week in the environment we did, I would never leave. There is so much to see and never enough time to bask in its glory. From start to finish, our entire group were exposed to every kind of scare tactic one can go through. Every emotion felt after each scare created endless discussion after our adventure was complete. If there is one word to describe our journey through Netheworld…Astonishing.

While the sets are illustrious and stunningly breath taking, we cannot let the incredible talents of the makeup team and actors go unspoken. The scares we encountered during our trip were simply amazing and at one point I vividly remember one of the rookies in our group letting out a blood curling scream. It was at that moment I knew this trip was worth every penny, especially on the drive home when she asked when we could venture back here again. The makeup on the Netherspawn is eerily beautiful, so well done in fact you are mesmerized by the seamless application. The team led by FaceOff alumni, Roy Wooley, is a well oiled machine, with original characters of all varieties encountered during your adventure through their world. Whether a gorgeous mermaid, magnificent warrior on a horse or a beast of a monster, no detail is left out and every look is superbly achieved.

Overall, our experience was flawless. Every twist and turn we took was meticulously thought out and allowed us to enjoy every moment. There isn’t a single thing I would have changed about my journey through this haunted attraction, the second time this has occurred this season. No doubt Netherworld deserves every inch of the 5 skulls our team awarded them. And just as I promised our rookie adventurer, we will be back before the season is over.

Don’t forget to waltz through the Gift Shop and purchase a ticket to enjoy The Mangler’s Fear Machine Escape, a three minute escape room and an intense experience every guest should enjoy. While three minutes may seem like a long time to solve the puzzles to assist with your escape, don’t watch the clock as it times out incredibly fast. Our team, thankfully, escaped with 35 seconds to spare but the groups in front and behind us weren’t so lucky. Purchase a souvenir add a little adrenaline rush to it and you’ve got one fantastic way to end an evening.


Netherworld Haunted House is open every night through Halloween. Grab your friends and loved ones and venture out for a memorable evening full of fright. DO NOT MISS this attraction, it’s an Atlanta legend for a reason and is a must see experience. Tickets can be purchased onsite (grab a coupon at Subway!) or online at

Written by Michelle Daniels
Photos courtesy of Netherworld Haunted House


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