Review: The Honey Shack Haunted House

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Often we are asked “What is a good starter haunt to visit with my kids?” and “Are there haunts out there not filled with blood and gore?” We can finally answer this question with certainty and The Honey Shack Haunted House is it.

New to the Atlanta area, The Honey Shack Haunted House opened to the public on September 30th. Planning the scenes and scares for several years, owners Ken Harris and Jeff Scarborough utilized their background working for Disney, as well as traveling to over 200 haunts around the U.S. to gather inspiration. They continuously worked as home haunters, staging their scenes in a garage to test out in preparation to bring their vision to life.

This is a classic old school haunted house as you enter the general store. The decor is well done as you walk in, definitely offering a vibe of an old backwoods country store. As guests pass the register counter and enter the next room, you notice right away that something is definitely amiss when you see two coffins and a fresh pile of dirt. Then the scares begin as you work your way through various scenes of terror. They have catered to all kinds of fears people have. If one room doesn’t get you, turn the corner and your worst nightmare may be waiting for you or you may come across someone begging for help.

We talked with the owners and you can see a much evolved darker, scarier future is already in the works for this next few years. They have already started taking notes on what works, where they are getting their loudest screams and how to tweak it for next year and adding new elements. While the attraction at the time of this review was not fully finished and may not offer the scares a seasoned haunter would expect, it is the perfect environment for introducing a haunted house to the younger generations.

It is great when we come across haunters and see that they are always envisioning for the next scream. Thinking of ways to add on, expand on, and not just bring back the same thing you see year after year. The Honey Shack Haunted House is going to be one of the ones to watch the next few years – Ken and Jeff are just getting warmed up.

written by Richard Rock
images courtesy of The Honey Shack Haunted House


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