Review: Fear the Woods Haunted Attraction

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Under the stars and strobe lights in Stockbridge, Georgia nestled in Yule Forest rests Fear the Woods. A short drive from downtown Atlanta, this haunted attraction is packed full of fright-tastic fun. On a chilly fall evening our team journeyed to Fear the Woods to explore the three haunted attractions on property: Terror Transport/Haunted Trail, the Haunted House, and their newest addition Pandemic.

Once you arrive on property you are greeted by some stellar sounds and sights and instantly one can see this is no ordinary haunted attraction. After obtaining our combo ticket we were off and immediately enthralled by incredibly talented ladies who breathed, hula hooped, and juggled fire. The Circus Bitties were a delight as they light up the stage with some amazing crazy clown slideshow fun.

Atlanta Haunt Review team ready for Pandemic

We started our adventure at Pandemic, the newest attraction where guests are fully immersed in a real life zombie apocalypse. We were greeted by Hannah, the certified Zombie killer who lightly trained us on what to expect and gave a few life-saving tips on how to survive. Through the short ride over to Pandemic, the driver and Hannah delivered a brilliant performance that had us ready to go zombie hunting. Once we received our weapons from our handy instructor (listen to us and remember to press the orange button to reload) we were on our way. Our team has a few members where the average scare tactic doesn’t do the trick yet our jaunt through Pandemic delivered scares that had us laughing and screaming with fright. Every single one of our team members enjoyed a scream or five and left wanting to experience Pandemic all over again. Once you get the hang of using your weapon, you are transformed into a gun slinging zombie killer because these zombies don’t go down with just one shot. Trust us you’ll want to experience this haunt all over again simply for bragging rights! A little extra low lying fog was the only addition needed during our tour but the acting, lighting, and scares were the perfect dose of adrenaline to kick off the evening.

photo by Michelle Bryan

Off to the Haunted House where your guard is brought way down as one eagerly awaits outside. To put it in perspective, Fear the Woods during the day is a family friendly pumpkin patch with a ton of entertainment options for small children. The outside structures of the haunted house are cleverly designed and painted with friendly scenes alluding to a friendly haunted house, or so you may think. Because once inside, all bets are off. We loved the clown who laughingly greeted guests at the door, slamming it shut as you listen to the rules of the house. This scene is a marvelous blend to what you experience inside the house. It has an eerie feel of a haunted house with elements of a funhouse that work brilliantly together. What remains inside will remain a mystery except for those brave enough to enter. We will tease you with this…only the strong will survive!

The Annihilator!

As you approach the queue for the Haunted Trail, it is evident there’s only one way to get there…the Terror Transport. Awaiting your arrival is The Annihilator, a dilapidated school bus that leaves an uneasy feeling as you approach. The craziness occurring inside the bus as you travel to the trail is a wild adventure full of a rocking soundtrack and some special guests that have come out to play. Once you have arrived at the trail and walk the winding path, you’ll encounter the Gatekeeper of the Trail. Chance and her hungry children do a marvelous job setting the tone as you slowly navigate your way through the dark woods. The lighting and set design on the trail was incredible. So many times a member of our group would ask “Is that real?” and BAM! a scareactor would appear out of thin air. The scares we experienced here were simply brilliant. We don’t want to give anything away but trust us when we say this was the best haunted trail any of us have ever experienced. The finale of the evening left our team speechless and wanting to see more!

Hands down, the actors at Fear the Woods made our night go from an ordinary haunted attraction to a fantastic haunted experience. Delivering frights so amazing we are still talking about their unbelievable performances. This season, we have experienced all levels of scare actors; ones you can tell are simply there to be paid, those with very little training that say BOO (a horrific offense at any haunted house), and then those who are so passionate for what they do they manage to scare the pants off of you. The actors at Fear the Woods are the latter of this group and did not disappoint, raising the bar of how every encounter at a haunted attraction should be. Every single performer we came face to face with were so convincing we almost forgot we were in the middle of a haunted attraction. The level of professionalism and passion each character portrayed were brilliant as the actors know how to control their environment to bring you the ultimate scare. Picking a favorite is almost impossible (so we chose two); the first, a young woman named Chance who greeted guests in front of the haunted trail. We won’t give away her scares but WOW are they amazing plus the added talent of silencing twenty teenagers standing in line awaiting her every move…BRAVO! We can’t forget her partner, a talented steampunk dressed young woman (part of Chance’s hungry children) whose one-liners were so off the cuff and fantastic, she needs her own show.

photo by Michelle Bryan


Overall, our experience at Fear the Woods exceeded every expectation we had for a haunted attraction and is well deserved of the 5 skull rating we are awarding them. From start to finish our visit was nothing short of perfection. Our entire drive home was filled with endless discussion on what we loved and our favorite escapades from the evening. There isn’t a single thing we would have changed at Fear the Woods and we can say with 100% certainty that we have never left a haunted house/trail/attraction thinking those thoughts before.

If we can offer any piece of advise it’s the order in which we feel you should experience Fear the Woods. Start by kicking a little zombie tail over at Pandemic, then enjoy the frights at the haunted house, lastly hold on to your loved ones and enjoy the Terror Transport and Haunted Trail. While it honestly doesn’t matter the order you experience Fear the Woods, we feel this is the best flow for a killer good time!

Head over to to purchase your tickets, see dates of operation and directions. This is a MUST SEE haunted attraction in our opinion, you do not want to miss it!


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