Paranoia: Most Anticipated Haunted House for 2016

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As scare enthusiasts flock to their favorite haunted attractions, talented crew members are wrapping up months of brain storming, designing, and set building. It is incredible to witness how much blood, sweat, and tears go into each event especially since most attractions are open less than 30 days. Before you journey to your local haunted house, hayride, or Halloween themed event, allow us to show you what happens…Behind the Screams.

Those brave enough to enter Paranoia Haunted House in Canton, Georgia in the dark are subject to an experience so frightening it could cause a meltdown. Explore it with the lights on and you’ll see an array of mazes, creepy mannequins, and a plethora of electronic equipment designed to scare the pants off you. The team allowed us the opportunity to visit their attraction in July to get a sneak peak at what they have in store for guests this fall. Prepping their third year in this location, owners Dave Leikam and Jennifer Tyndall Smith have been brainstorming since the end of their 2015 season to bring this years attraction to life. Many of the elements guests experience at Paranoia in September and October are the culmination of years of ideas with inspiration from classic horror films, personal phobias, and visual arts they stumble across on social media. This is the first time they have had more than 25 days to build the haunt allowing them creative freedom and the one thing they never had enough of before… time. This allots the creative team the ability to produce some of their biggest ideas as they prepare their newest attractions: Torture and The Cellar.

Dave and Jennifer have a passion for their haunted house and it is charmingly magnetic. Listening to them describe the themes for the 2016 houses (Torture and The Cellar) is captivating; similar to watching the most incredibly directed scene from your favorite horror film. They have BIG things in store for guests this year and have completely transformed Paranoia to accompany the insane and awesome ideas they imagined during off season. They will tap into your inner fears, your personal nightmare, and at some point during your experience you will feel uncomfortable. The thought of some of the elements they have in store still sends a shiver up our spines.

Pushing guests to the limit and allowing them to experience every kind of phobia one can conceptualize is only one of the reasons we love venturing to Paranoia each season. This year the designers have worked tirelessly to rebuild the entire maze and will treat guests to incredible scenes, incorporating every level of scare tactic possible. Other members of their team work day and night to create custom made costumes, masks, and set decor to put their personal touch into the haunted attraction. Dave even drove across the country to acquire a massive piece of equipment they have been dying to add to their haunt. Guests won’t find many store bought animatronics within Paranoia as Dave is a master builder and has created majority of the horrifying elements inside their haunt. We could spoil the other new additions to Paranoia but you’ll have to see it in person to believe it’s actually there!

If the names of the 2016 houses don’t make your heart beat faster, you’re braver than most. The Cellar will be filled with real life environmental elements during the jaunt through the dark tunnels. Guests will be entering a realm no one has breached in over twenty years. No tactic is left out and some may even crawl or slide their way through the scenes of the house. This attraction will play upon all of your senses. At some point you will feel claustrophobic, you will question if you’re underground, and their finale will leave you speechless. The second house, Torture, is based on a museum devoted to humanity’s penchant for causing unimaginable pain. We cannot disclose much of the contents within this attraction as it will spoil all the fun! One thing is certain, every guest is gifted a VIP experience and it is unlike anything you have ever been exposed to.

The team at Paranoia have worked incredibly hard to produce the ultimate horrifying adventure in September and October but the fun doesn’t stop there. In December, for the first time ever, Paranoia will reopen their doors for an all new attraction: Holiday of Horror. This will be an opportunity for guests to experience the frights of the holiday season and is guaranteed to deliver a nightmare you will forever remember.

If you didn’t get a chance to read what our team at Atlanta Haunt Review experienced last year we encourage you to read it here. Last year Paranoia took our top prize for Best Haunted House in Atlanta. This year, after learning of what is in store for guests, Paranoia is our Most Anticipated Haunted Attraction for 2016.

Ready to experience the thrills at Paranoia? Open select nights starting September 30th head over to to purchase tickets or for more


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