Fear the Woods: Most Anticipated Haunted Trail for 2016

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The fall temperatures are finally here! Nothing screams of the spooky season like visiting a good haunted cornmaze. Located at Yule Forest in Stockbridge, Fear The Woods has teased an intense experience filled with spooktacular fun. With three haunted attractions on property, including a haunted house, terror transport, haunted trail, and a frontline haunted combat; it’s easy to see why our team chose Fear The Woods as The Most Anticipated Haunted Trail for 2016.

The farmer’s crazy Uncle Eddy has escaped and is preparing the fields to scare trespassers at night. The woods will once again become alive September 30th, when the sun sets over The Pumpkin Patch. Uncle Eddie has brought Pandemic to the farm and they need your help to keep it contained. Are your skills good enough to save yourself and those around you? Don’t wander too far from the light as he has invited new creatures to come feast on the screams of those that come to the farm after dark.  Visit if you dare, and remember… only the woods will hear you scream.

If you dare, enter the Haunted House and take a tour of the barn at night time. Find out what goes on after hours and why the farmer no longer works after the sun goes down. Mysterious events take place and there is no explanation as to why they happen. You are safe to wonder through the barn as long as you don’t straggle or get left behind by your group. This is your one and only warning, will you get out alive?

Pandemic is Fear The Woods’ all NEW attraction. It’s an interactive, competitive, combat field where your skills determine your fate. Will you be good enough to keep you and your partner alive?

Think you’re up for the challenge and can escape? Head over to www.fearthewoods.com to purchase tickets. Open select dates starting September 30th, we encourage you to grab a group of friends and journey to Stockbridge for a spooky night out!

Want to know all the places to see and visit this haunt season? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Share your favorite  haunted attractions and don’t forget to share your #scaryselfie with us!


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