Spotlight: Containment Haunted House

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This week our Spotlight feature is a haunted attraction with a very interesting and unique concept. Taking place solely within the space of 26 shipping containers, Containment, puts you directly in the middle of the horror.

We were delighted to chat with owner, Joey McCollough, who provided our team a little insight to what fans can expect this season. With a new location, new characters, and a complete redesign; haunt enthusiasts are in for a spooktastic treat starting September 30th. Here is our interview with the creative team behind Containment Haunted House.

AHR: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. Can you give us a little insight of what fans can expect from you this year?

JM: We have relocated to a new location that is closer to I-20. We are just off Thornton Rd, one exit passed Six Flags and 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta. We have re-imagined several of our containers and have incorporated large outside scenes. We have set up our show to have several areas that all work within one theme. We have really made usage of the entire area to maximize the scares and have the greatest impact. We have an all-new butcher area along with a carnival area complete with a big top!

Any new characters or theme you will feature?

Our theme this year revolves around Zombies. We have incorporated several scenes with freshly turned and mutated zombies that will appear throughout the attraction. Our big character this year is Fatback the Butcher.

Containment has a great team of actors, do they go through any training? What’s the audition process like and what features do you look for in your team?

We have a weeks worth of training and orientation that we send our actors through. It involves rolling playing games and placing each actor in their scene and working with them to get the best scare. During auditions we look for someone who does not mind acting out of their comfort zone. We are fortunate to have many of our actors returning from last year.

What are some attributes Containment has that sets it apart from other haunted attractions?

One of our strongest attributes is our actors and their ability to engage and interact with our guests.  Our setup team consist of a wide variety of people and everyone works together to come up with the best scene possible.  I also believe that another strong attribute is we are not all conventional haunters.  Everything gets looked at from what a typical person would see and how they would react.  And we understand that not everyone will get scared, so we have elements of humor to make the show more entertaining.  We want everyone to exit the attraction feeling that they have just been thoroughly entertained.  

Have you visited any other haunted attractions that inspire you?

As a group we have visited many other haunts. We do enjoy them and definitely take notice of their work, but we really try to do things that no other haunt is doing and be unique. Several of us worked at Six Flags and pull inspiration from the Fight Fest productions from the past.  

If you could pick a favorite scene or prop from inside Containment, which would you choose?

That is a really tough question because I am partial to it all.  But if I had to pick one area I would the doll area.  It has a creepy feeling even during the daylight.  

What scares you? Do you incorporate your fears into the attraction?
I would say that living people scare me the most because they can actually hurt you.  We like to incorporate the fear of the unknown into our haunt.  If you give people enough tools their mind will scare them.  

Any new features being added to the haunt this year that you’d like us to showcase? i.e. New props, elements, themes, etc?

Without giving away to much info I would say our big feature this year is the butcher room and slaughter arena.  It will definitely be one of the most intense areas within Containment.  It takes up one container and two large outside areas.

We can’t wait to see what the creative team at Containment have in store for us. Want to experience the thrills this season? Head over to for more information, to purchase tickets and view dates. 
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