Warning: Ruby Falls Unleashes the Fresh Farm September 30th

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Terror is lurking at the Flesh Farm as Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern prepares for a monster outbreak this October! Chattanooga’s top haunt opens nightly at dark beginning September 30th, with the Freak Parade beginning at 7:30pm. Every year brings a new theme, new characters and new fear factors, with returning favorites like the Hellevator, chainsaws, and fire-breathing.

Haunted Cavern is an experience unlike any other that takes place 26 stories underground in a cave (with one way out), as well as an above-ground haunt that is equally horrific. 2016’s Flesh Farm is a world torn by infection and chaos, where the Matron Mojo has formed her own brutal society that feeds on the madness. Her “revenants” hunt the living – zombies to be farmed – to satisfy her sinister urges. Scud Row Outpost was formed from the ashes of what many called Ruby Falls and now thrives on the blood of the weak, ruled by Maton’s “wretchers.”

The Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern is in its13th year of fear, and has continued to terrify record-breaking crowds annually. It is currently a Top 20 Event by Southeast Tourism Society and was listed as #4 on Buzzfeed’s national list of “19 Terrifying Haunted Houses you Should Experience Before You Die.”

Warning to all visitors: Expect to be scared upon exiting your vehicle. You will descend into a cave. Where no one can hear you scream. Beware of what lurks in the dark….it may cause nightmares. The team at Atlanta Haunt Review will be venturing to the Haunted Cavern this October. Stay tuned for our full review. Head over to our Facebook page and join our spooky season conversation.

Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern is open Fridays-Sunday (& Halloween), September 30-October 31st. Prices vary nightly, with discounts offered online at www.hauntedcavern.com


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