Games that SHOULD be Horror Films

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Dim the lights and prepare for a journey unlike any other. The days of terrifying horror films are almost gone and we have entered an interesting chapter within the realm. The torch has been passed and now game makers take on the task to reinvent the genre. Survival horror games have become the go-to for many scare enthusiasts and here’s a list of the top 4 games that SHOULD be made into horror films.


The Last of Us

Ready to be pulled into an intense reality of the post-apocalyptic world? From start to finish; the story, character development, flawless gameplay, and seriously creepy zombies (the term clickers will forever be frightening), The Last of Us is one of THE best survival horror games created. Step inside a surreal journey of love, loss, and the thrill of survival. Along the way whilst thrown into insane, frightening, and heart pounding moments, follow Joel and Ellie on their treacherous route to safety. The graphics are so incredible it feels as though you have stepped into their world and we can already visualize casting choices for this one! Maisie Williams (famously known as Arya Stark) portraying Ellie,  Soniqua Martin-Green (Sasha, The Walking Dead) as the leader of the Fireflies Marlene, resident bad boy Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Joel, Josh Holloway (Lost) as Tommy…we could go on and on. In all seriousness though The Last of Us has the potential to entice viewers to the box office too with the incredible story line the creators, Naughty Dog, put forth for us. The Last of Us is geared for every level of gameplay, no matter what your expertise is. If you only play one game in your life, this is it. You’ll thank us later.

***It must be noted that this has been rumored to be in production for almost a year with no official announcements being made…yet***

Silent Hills P.T.
The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is You?  If you were one of the lucky ones able to download this “Playable Teaser” before it was deleted from the Playstation Network, you were in for one fantastic treat. Awakened on a dark, dreary and cold hard floor, P.T. is a first person POV exploration through a mysterious house full of weird turns, swinging chandeliers (and refrigerators), with one of the most frightening scares I’ve ever experienced. Seriously, P.T. would either be the most incredible haunted house experience or THE most terrifying horror film of this decade. I was shocked and excited to see what came next and laughably had every lamp in my house turned on. Yes, friends, this short game is really that good and that terrifying. The worst part? It’s only a teaser! Can you imagine if we were allowed to actually fully experience this extremely demented world? With Norman Reedus cast as the lead character for this sadly, now cancelled survival horror game, it was shaping up to be the most sought after game of 2016. I challenge you to play this teaser and not scream or be throughly creeped out but be warned…keep the lights on (unless you’re a badass) especially if caught by Lisa! Bonus points if you tag us your reaction on our Facebook page.


We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us. Step into the world of Rapture and be prepared to encounter an experience unlike any other. Nestled thousands of feet below sea level, this first person POV thrill ride is incredibly creepy, amazing, intense, and demands your full attention. Between the eerie 1940s melodies softly playing throughout or the terrifying splicers running amok; this game is so enticing, it’s almost impossible to put the remote down. From start to finish, the characters and story draw you further into the realm with each minute of gameplay and the attention to detail in each scene is breathtaking. Imagine a full scale production at the Georgia Aquarium with Big Daddy’s and Little Sisters scaling the walls. It would be a cinematic beauty with the perfect director attached (ahem, Guillermo del Toro) and the possibility of multiple films would draw in an entire new fan base. So many elements to be discovered; how did the Big Daddys get their beginning, the OMG moments with the little sisters, what did the fall of Rapture look like? For those who game on Playstation 4, it’s your lucky day! The remastered collection of Bioshock (including Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinity) will be releasing tomorrow, September 13th, and I cannot wait to experience this world again (and in much higher quality!)

The Evil Within
Follow Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he travels through this eerie and distorted world. Battling disturbing creatures and bosses with twists and turns around every corner, this survival horror game is no joke. “The Keeper” alone is enough to make you shiver in this spine tingling, sheer terrifying game. Can you trust those you encounter? Is this a dream, a nightmare, or reality taking a horrific turn? This game is not for the faint of heart and a film adaptation would break the limitations for Special FX. This is a game I went into with really low expectations and it takes A LOT to freak me out. In fact, before playing The Evil Within, I truly believed nothing could freak me out more than the demo P.T did. Not only was this incredible game super intense but my husband and I were yearning for more! Every single chapter in this game draws you further into the evil dimension and each major boss fight is filled with experiences shocking enough to bring nightmares. If you’re seeking a gore filled game that will keep your blood pumping, your heart rate elevated, and a chill down your spine, The Evil Within is a fantastic choice. Plus, you’ll never hear Clair de Lune the same ever again.

Ready to dive in a take a peek? Check out the teasers (minor spoilers) below. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Let us know which games you think should be added to the list (we added our 4 favorites but know there are tons more)

written by Michelle Daniels
Images courtesy of Google, Bethesday, 2K, Playstation Network, Naughty Dog
Video courtesy of Youtube

P.T. Demo Walkthrough

The Evil Within


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