Spotlight: Freaks of Fear Haunted House

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Our Spotlight Series is kicking off haunt season with a thrilling, new attraction opening later this month in Carrollton, Georgia. A haunted attraction benefitting Georgia veterans.
Every year we are thrilled to learn of new attractions that will open their doors for haunt season. This week our Spotlight is Freaks of Fear Haunted House. Located at the VFW Fairgrounds, this new haunted attraction is teasing an apocalyptic experience bringing survivors face to face with The Freaks of Fear. We spoke with owner, Zachary, and he provided us some chilling backstory and details of what fans can expect this fall.

The story… THE TOWN
“In 2016, a scientist named Steven Zules teamed up with the air force to create a fighter jet that could reach the other side of the world in approximately two minutes. After the fighter jet was designed and built they decided to test it on January 1, 2016 in hopes to accomplish the unthinkable. The test was ran and the most terrible tragedy happened to Earth. The fighter jet ripped a hole in time and space, unleashing a contagious pathogen called Veronstin. The airborne pathogen released in the earths atmosphere and infected fifty percent of the earths population. Anyone who was infected turned into disgusting freaks that fed on the fear of humanity until there was no one left to scare. Anyone that was caught in their path was literally scared to DEATH! It has been nine months now and you have gathered a few survivors to create a group called The Brave. Recently, your group has intercepted transmission from a few survivors in a town called Brooks, on the outskirts of the city. They need your help so your group is going into the town to save them and bring them back to base camp. Watch out for The Freaks Of Fear when you look for the survivors!” -FreaksOf Fear Website

Message from Freaks of Fear Haunted House:
Join us on a journey into one of the scariest haunted attractions in the west Georgia area. Our haunted attraction will attack all of your senses, for example, site, sound, taste, and smell. We also have all sorts of new and interesting scares that will send you running for the hills. We also have games, entertainment, a gift shop, and a fortune teller that will be located in the blue building on the fairgrounds. If you get hungry or parched, we will have vendors outside serving food and beverages. Please come out and visit, we will all be supporting our veterans. We can’t wait to eat you…oh sorry, we mean see you soon!

Freaks of Fear Haunted House opens October 1st for selected dates (Wednesday-Saturday) from 7pm-midnight through October 31st. Tickets are available on site: $15 single admission $25 for two. Located at VFW Fairgrounds in Carrollton, Georgia. Visit their Facebook Page for more information.


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