Netherworld Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Monster Line-Up

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The 20th Season of Screams has arrived for Netherworld Haunted House with an exciting theme announcement accompanied with incredible teasers of what is to come this fall.  From horrors released from the unknown that only the return of ancient monsters can defeat, to the jaunt through a chaotic filled world full of mutations, aliens and robots within the Vault 13: Meltdown. This is the year guests will experience an incredible avalanche of never ending horrors with one question in mind… Who will rule The Netherworld?

It has been 20 years since Dr. Colber opened the doors to the Netherworld and now the invasion of our plane continues in an epic war of the MONSTERS! 
This year featuring: The Flying Angel, The Lair of the Sea Witch, The Feasting Vampires, The Goloth Invasion, The Attacking Harpy, The Transformation Chamber, The Cavern of the Werewolves, The Blood Beast of the Arena, The Boogeyman’s Return, The Chapel of the Gargoyles and so many more!
Released from the primordial Antartic prison by well-meaning paranormal researcher, Dr. Elias Ephraim, the soul eaters (Goloths) begin rapidly consuming the legions of ghosts causing the wasting disease called The Rotting.
Unfortunately these ectoplasmic predators soon discover that ripping the living souls from human beings and other life forms is just as tasty as eating ghostly energy! This rabid feasting did not go unnoticed by the Dark Ones, the masters of the Netherworld, who have always considered our world their personal property. They launched an all out assault of the Goloths commanded by The Collector, The Harvestman, and The Boogeyman; leading the Dead Ones, The Gargoyles, and The Nightmare Kings into massive combat.
Now an all-out war ripples through both the material and immaterial plans as the most powerful supernatural creatures to ever roam tear into the mutating, ravenous hordes of the Goloths in a battle they just might lose. 
Who wins this insanely intense battle? We dare you to step inside the realm of Netherworld to find out!
Can you escape a nuclear meltdown?

The crazed artificial intelligence PROTEUS demands that the Mangler create him a “bride” or he will destroy the world with the massive arsenal of Vault 13! Can the chaos be stopped or will mutations, aliens, robots, and nuclear destruction be unleashed on an unsuspecting planet?

This year featuring: The Xenomorphic Terror, The Collapsing Missile, The Blast Off Inferno, The Bride of Proteus and more! Machine gun crazies and the return of the toxic foam room, too. Total terror and sci-fi thrills will reign during the 20th celebration of Netherworld Haunted House.

Our team is eager to experience the 20th anniversary houses at Netherworld and would love to meet you! A meet up event is in the works and let us know over on our Facebook page of dates that work for you. For more information on Netherworld including advance ticket sales head over to 


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