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The spotlight dancing in the sky magnetically entices you to the outskirts of Canton, Georgia. The alluring sounds of Godsmack and Rob Zombie in the background are the perfect distraction to the screams filtrating the air. Immediately, one thing is for certain…no one is safe and every fear will be triggered during your stay. Buckle up friends, this is our journey through Paranoia…

Actors run amuck and scaring from every angle while a china doll eerily watches every move guests make. All of this bestowed upon us before we even enter the doors. This attraction has really outdone themselves in every single category! In their 4th year, Paranoia is not the haunt you remember from their previous location (Roswell). Every aspect of their haunt has changed and our jaws are still on the ground from the incredible effects we experienced.  Nyctophobic? Claustrophobic? Homiclophobic? (We’ll save you the google search as the latter is the fear of fog) Not only do they entertain and enable guests to experience every single phobia one may have; it occurs so seamlessly, you won’t even recognize it before it’s too late. This is flawless execution, friends, and while not every scare may get you, by the end, there are a multitude that WILL.

Starting with an interesting (and jolting!) ride and ending with a shocking game of chicken, this is a non stop adventure packed full of fantastic scares. We were most impressed at the level of distraction we incurred. Haunters are the worst guests to scare and boy, did they get us good! Just when you think the scare is coming from one angle, it happens from a completely unknown source. “How did they do that?” was frequently shouted during our tour through both haunts, Blood Factory and Infectious. The sets are beautifully designed and it is the perfect example of a quality haunt that incorporated great sets and talented actors with very limited animatronics! The few mechanical elements utilized were poetically incorporated and for the first time this season, the awesome AtmosFEARfx series was perfectly used (Bravo, tech manager, bravo). So good while you are admiring their work you almost forget you’re walking through an haunt when BAM, they get you again.

The incredible talent pool of actors they have this year are on top of their game. These guys/gals take their job seriously and will make sure that if you aren’t screaming, you WILL feel their wrath. No personal bubbles here, they will get in your face, crawl on the ground, and your ankles will be *lightly* grabbed. Overall, you will be screaming, laughing, and leaving this haunted attraction feeling ready to enter through the doors over and over!

This was the last stop on our 2015 tour and WOW did we save the best for last! This is a MUST SEE event before the season comes to a close. Our only complaint is that we couldn’t take a backstage tour to learn some more about the guts of this attraction. Seriously, the elements are that good and we wouldn’t have changed a thing! For a very reasonable $25 for this 2 house experience, we highly recommend this attraction for anyone 13 years or older. Tickets can be purchased onsite and for more information check out their website and facebook page.

Happy Haunting, friends!

Review by Michelle Daniels
Photos courtesy of Paranoia website


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