Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse: Dead End

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In 2014 our staff were incredibly saddened to learn that Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, one of our favorite haunted attractions would not be back this year. New to the haunt scene? Catch up their incredible haunt with our review here. In August, we began to hear rumblings of a new experience being created and AZA would be resurrected in a new way, with younger zombies, and a new location. It was also an all new attraction that would benefit a local high school. 
This is our journey thru Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse: Dead End.
For those not familiar with AZA, it was unlike any other haunt one may experience. This is not a walk through and see all the expensive animatronics type of haunted house. Here, guests are thrown into an all immersive haunt filled with live actors eager to entertain. Not one or two, we are talking zombies aplenty. It is truly an experience where you are running for your lives.

This time AZA has reopened for one weekend only. They brought the show on the road to Maynard Jackson High School for two nights: October 23 and 24.  It’s a fantastic charity event where all proceeds will be benefitting the school’s Parent Teacher Student Association.  All money raised goes to support teacher and student projects such as Teacher Appreciation Week, Homecoming, and supplies greatly needed for students and class activities. The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse: Dead End is a unique partnership between Maynard Jackson High, Red Robin Realtors, and Shane Morton, organizer of AZA. Shane has set a remarkable example for giving back to the next generation of haunt enthusiasts. Providing his services pro bono; he completed two makeup and costume workshops for theatre students. It allowed students a once in a lifetime opportunity to work side by side with top professionals and receive hands on training.

Using Maynard Jackson High School as a backdrop provided Shane and Silver Scream FX Lab crew the opportunity to create another chapter to the story. From the beginning, guests quickly learn that a virus has broken out and are urged to RUN before things get out of hand. Too late, as zombies are on the attack from all directions. Simple props are cleverly placed to hide some of the zombies. It’s a great addition to the wow factor. Guests run to one area and are caught off guard as zombies are coming from the walls. Running to another area and think you’re safe and can catch your breath? Not a chance as it is unveiled that more zombies have broken through and are after anyone they come across. Make sure to pay attention, this attraction has very talented celebrity walkers among the cast.

The most incredible discussion this charity haunt initiates is giving back to the community and allowing those who have never had a chance to experience a haunted attraction. For many of these students and families waiting in line to get in, this was their first time ever stepping into a haunted house. Most expressed that they didn’t even know houses of this nature even existed. For a very reasonable fee of $10 for adults $5 for students, this great team of enthusiasts got their hands bloody and brought a hauntingly fantastic show into the East Atlanta community.
Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse: Dead End is designed for older youth and adults. This is not suitable for young children. Tickets can be purchased directly onsite and is located at the corner of Chester Avenue/Glenwood Avenue in Grant Park. 801 Glenwood Avenue, Atlanta, GA, 30312. There’s only ONE NIGHT LEFT to support this fantastic charity and see a little bit of Atlanta haunt history.


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