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The roar of a train passing by a haunted house is a lot more terrifying than one would think. It’s the perfect background to accommodate the screams coming from inside the terrors within Hiram’s newest haunted attraction, Containment. Resting within 22 shipping containers, Containment is not like any other haunt you may have experienced. It is is an indoor/outdoor haunt, as guests will be weaving in and out of actual cargo containers, each delivering a new element of fear and horror.

If this attraction sounds familiar it’s because it was located two years ago in the heart of downtown Atlanta, outside of Atlantic Station. Reimagined by Joey McCollough, it has been relocated to Hiram while they search for their permanent home. When we initially viewed this haunt two years ago, we were unimpressed but saw the potential this haunt had. Our team was very excited to see how two years, a change of location, and new ownership would change the guts of this attraction.

Walking down a dark, dimly lit path, guests are greeted by a few charming and witty characters eager to entice you into their world. If we had a wait to get inside the doors, we didn’t even notice as the actors entertained us and then slowly migrated us towards the entrance, flawlessly.
The most charming ghost host {photo by Michelle Bryan}
As you enter the first container, guests are immediately thrown into a whirlwind as we are serenaded by the soulful melodies the first character delivers. He was eerily charming with a deep voice so soothing it immediately draws you in. He magnificently charmed every person in our group and we yearned to hear more. He warned us of the threats lingering inside and to be wary of Uncle Reevus. This first room was a fantastic blend of modern technology and a live actor. It set a remarkable tone for the journey that lie ahead of us. Utilizing the clever placement of LCD screens camouflaged as windows, as our voodoo charmer waltzed away and triggered the cut scene. We knew we were in for an interesting treat.
A few of the scenes we experienced were simply brilliant. One in particular was an encounter with living dolls, who were ready to play and delivered a phenomenal scare. As they slowly descended upon our group, it became very clear, we were not wanted in this area. The high pitched screams they unleashed had us running into the next room. It was simple but extremely effective and from beginning to end this chilling sequence packs an awesome punch!
The Living Dolls {photo by Michelle Bryan}
Many of the other rooms are filled with tons of animatronics, creepy mannequins, decadent TVs displaying horrifying images, and effects that are stunning to see. While our group ventured through with minimal staff, it was still enjoyable to walk through and experience the sets of Containment. The actors we encountered were fantastic! You can definitely tell this staff loves their haunt and make sure to frighten guests that cross their path. With their incredible talents they can take this haunt to the next level. We wished there were more actors and less animatronics because the formula they have really works and a few more actors would make it that much better.
Theo wants your soul! {photo by Michelle Bryan}
A fun fact we learned in our Behind the Scenes tour is how Containment is preparing and educating future haunt enthusiasts. Actors from 12-17 play a pivotal role within the haunt and some even complete their own makeup applications, learning from the experience of the professionals that surround them. It is amazing to hear that a haunted attraction is taking the time to train the younger generation of actors and makeup artists. We saw their work first hand and it was truly a delight to see!
Overall, we were very entertained by the actors and sets in Containment. It’s a great evening for the family and was well worth the reasonable $20 entrance fee. Warning, this haunt is not suitable for anyone under the age of 8…consider yourself contained!
Reviewed by Michelle Daniels & Richard Rock
Photos by Containment Facebook page and Michelle Bryan

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