Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern

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I’ve visited RFHC every other year for the past several years, it’s one of those “big” haunts that’s on a lot of peoples “must see” list… And it’s easy to understand why! This is a family destination, a tourist trap that has a sinister underside; Brady Bunch meets the Firefly Family from House of 1000 Corpses. Seriously good stuff for us twisted Haunt Enthusiasts! We visited on a Sunday evening, early in the season. As haunt employees ourselves, it’s the only night we have free. The crowd is usually smaller on a Sunday, plus there are discount coupons (at the ticket counter) for $4 off, bonus! There’s only one line, which I like. It lessens the confusion I’ve witnessed with non-ticketed people winding up in the wrong line and having to start all over. No speed passes are available. The que line actors are very good! High-End giant costumes and quality in house made pieces mix together nicely. RFHC definitely has the best sliders I’ve ever seen, quick and agile, they seem to zoom out of nowhere and are everywhere at once! Lurking creeps sidle up for a scare and then will pose for a pic with their victim. Southern hospitality at its finest. There is a souvenir wagon outside at the que line, and inside near the ticket counter along with an indoor snack bar where you can get a drink or a light snack. We bought tee shirts and a sweatshirt after our adventure. Then you mount the elevator, and down you go… WAY DOWN. 1120 feet into the very heart of Lookout Mountain. This elevator moves fast, and your ears pop as you descend. You step out, and you can feel the pressure of all that rock above you, bearing down. It’s intimidating, especially to someone like me, who’s a touch claustrophobic! You are immediately sorted into groups of 4, which I like. I hate being herded through in a continual conga line, it ruins the experience to see what’s coming because it just hit the person 12 people up…. And 8 people up… and 4 people up… None of that here! You travel along, alternating between the blackest dark ever seen by man (and their tagline; “NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM” comes to your mind immediately). There are actors cleverly hidden amongst the caves features, and small sets along the way with lighting and sound. This year’s theme for the cave portion is, Project Bloodbourne (Lycan vs Nosferatu) which works well in the cave setting. Incredible costuming and professional grade makeup adds to the believability as you struggle to find your way in this dank environment. Water naturally seeps through this limestone cavern’s chiseled ceiling, giving you a cold drip down the back of your neck here and there, a reminder of exactly how deep underground you truly are. The dampness and the grit underfoot add to the utter believability of this being the battleground for the legendary beasts, with you as the victor’s prize! At last you’re herded onto an elevator, presumable for the trip back up, but no. This is the elevator from Hell and you’re on for the ride of your life! HANG ON! It hits hard. A haunt friend was with me, and she has a fear of closed in spaces too, so we clutched the rails for dear life! Finally the doors open and you’re outside again, in the fresh air. How did that happen!? As I stated, RFHC is 2 haunts in one; the Cave portion, and the upper haunt. They are connected by a breakneck bus ride back up the mountain. We were ushered onto a large van with 2 other groups and were taken back up the mountain, where we entered Phase 2, Mad House… A journey inside the mind of a madman via a sophisticated form of video which enhances hypnosis psychoanalysis. You’re gathered in a chain link enclosure where you’re given the standard haunted house rules again and sent on your way, again in groups of 4. This is a twisting, turning explosion of chaos. Everywhere you look, its bedlam. Monsters of every type are there, in your face. Standouts for me included The Creeper, Charred and Nurse Two Bodies. You are dazzled with light effects, fire and this well-trained troupe of actor’s ability to appear from nowhere and to dissolve into nothing before your very eyes.

The Creeper is awaiting you…guests will never escape his eye! {photo: Haunted Cavern Facebook Page}

There are some parts of this haunt that you need to be somewhat agile to get through, crawling under a low ceiling, through a totaled van… I saw a couple of kids in line, that appeared to be 8-10 years old. They were accompanied by their father, but i’m not sure how they did because of the way we were all divided into small groups of 4. I would say use your best judgement when bringing kids, you know your own child best!
         This is an excellent haunted house experience, one that Rand McNally placed on its Top Ten list again this year and #4 on Buzzfeed. So, go! Go see it for yourself. I personally give it a 9 out of 10 skulls and will look forward to my next visit to the Volunteer States best!
Tickets can be purchased online at or onsite and they are open on Fridays-Sundays until Halloween. Make sure you document your adventure using #hauntedcavern on social media.

Reviewed by ~CBM~
Images courtesy of Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern Website and Facebook page


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