Terror in the Wild

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A terrorific time at Terror in the Wild

A short jaunt to Valdosta, Georgia, our team was able to experience Wild Adventures theme park for opening night of Terror in the Wild. There are those that believe a place with coasters and haunted houses would be a dynamic duo and a dream come true. Wild Adventures delivers on both. While Atlanta has become known as the “new” Hollywood, those seeking a little movie nostalgia will find this destination more delightful as Wild Adventures also provided the setting for the film, Zombieland. Yes, this one…
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Terror in the Wild is the haunted franchise within the fences of Wild Adventures and has four haunted attractions and five scare zones.  Clowns, dark cornfields, a haunted train ride all come with the price of admission and the festivities begin at dusk. Our spotlight in this review is on Camp Hackaway.

We love haunts that utilize their natural surroundings and incorporate it into the guests’ experience. Camp Hackaway does a remarkable job turning their daytime Alapaha Walking Trail to one eerily bloody camp. You walk through the same woods that live animals can be seen however at night all you hear are screams of the campers. The theming of the haunt has everything you would expect from a true summer camp.  The cabins, camp counselors, laundry hanging, first aid, archery practice… except here everything has gone horribly wrong and guests will witness everything.
Real or fake…we’ll never tell…

The thought put into the decor, scare actors, lighting, and sound all are top notch at Camp Hackaway. Our team was so impressed we experienced this haunt twice (thanks to our awesome VIP passes!) and this attraction had at least a 90 minute wait by the end of the evening so make sure to catch this one early. Sara from Moody Air Force Base, running line control, said, “they were unexpectedly busy for opening night and I’ve heard a lot of screaming in there.” This haunt was easily the favorite by most who attended (Farmagedon was a close 2nd).
Things go bump in the night here

The best use of fog, hands down thus far is during the Ghost Train at Terror in the Wild.  As you embark on the train, everyone has to be fumigated and how they use the fog machines was a first for us. It was a great incorporation of tons of blinding fog and fantastic lighting. The experience on the Ghost Train provided an added bonus to coaster enthusiasts. The wooden coaster, Cheetah, was running through the darkness with the lights off (another delightful bonus).  We noticed from the train that the fog carries over covering the tracks.  You are actually riding this coaster not only in darkness but also through the fog!  Another first for the team members here at Atlanta Haunt Review.

Farmageddon was another attraction we visited and we were blown away at how a simple idea can deliver the most amazing scares! This corn maze from start to finish was brilliantly acted. The actors took their positions seriously and made sure guests ran screaming to the next area. We loved the simple yet very effective decor hanging throughout this haunt. The realism within this house was amazing and we enjoyed every minute.

Our team was extremely impressed by the staff, ride operators, and volunteers at Wild Adventures. All staff we encountered were exceptional and appeared to love what they do. Friendly, helpful, and eager to scare, a great staff made the attractions that much better as it was seamlessly run during our experience. Upon leaving, the parking lot is heavily staffed to ensure a safe and quick departure. A feature that did not go unnoticed. 
A VIP pass is available for a very reasonable fee ($32 with tax) to skip to the front of the lines.  You also receive a Terror in the Wild Lanyard, dinner is included, and a souvenir photo. The value is fantastic for all the benefits you receive and we highly recommend purchasing this package to ensure you make it to each attraction by park closing.

The scare zones were on a smaller scale and we look forward to seeing how they grow over the next few seasons.  While short in length, they are fantastic opportunities for guests to use the backgrounds for epic selfies. Take a moment to pose with one of the great actors as they will pose for photos on cue! Our favorite were the shovel holding monsters in the Undertaken zone. The two brothers were brilliantly scary and the bride roaming the zone was so creepy we avoided her at all costs. 

Overall, Terror in the Wild is a great family filled escape from Atlanta. The level of gore is very minimal and children 12+ are welcome to experience the event. This is a wonderful adventure suited for ages 13-23 but we thoroughly enjoyed our trip! On Saturdays from 11am-6pm, guests of all ages may enjoy the rides and age appropriate festivities with Kid-O-Ween.

To purchase tickets in advance, see dates, or more information check them out of Facebook or on their website

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