Nightmare’s Gate (Brasky State Prison)

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Who knew a trip to prison could be terrifyingly fun! 

The official kickoff to our 2015 Haunt Tour landed us in Douglasville, GA at Brasky State Prison also known as Nightmare’s Gate. As we pulled up we were greeted by snarles and menacing stares and knew this was no ordinary prison. The inmates were all to eager to see us and are running the show!

“The history of Brasky State Prison begins with Warden Brasky who has lost control of his zombie inmates. His cyborg guards have been losing ground and frankly are little better than the prisoners themselves. Guests of the prison have been taken hostage by both factions and no amount of threats from the Warden seem to have an effect. Cannibals with chainsaws, Murderers with automatic weaps, Guards with hallucinogenic gas, and experimental guns…the Government has no choice but to condemn the Prison. General Arsh has been tasked with the quelling the years of riots and rebellions within the prison.”-Nightmare’s Gate Website

photo by Michelle Daniels

While waiting to for our journey to begin, we were enchanted with the scare actors lingering outside the gates.  The characters throughout the queue line were fantastic, highly skilled, and showed a level of professionalism we haven’t seen in some time.  As hard as we tried we could not get them to break their character. They were consistently funny, terrifyingly charming, and full of comical banter that kept us yearning to hear more. It’s an extremely difficult task to be able to improv on the spot and the four we encountered deserve awards for how impressive they were.

Enter the prison through a hearse (yes, a hearse!) that had conveniently crashed into the prison walls. This is completely original concept we never thought could work yet easily transforms as a great backdrop for souvenir photos. As you embark on the adventures of Brasky State Prison, you’re immediately scolded and warned by the warden of the establishment. No food or drinks, no touching the prisoners, and most importantly, try to stay alive.

The sets we witnessed were astounding! Every last inch of Nightmare’s Gate is superbly designed. We find most haunts do not put time in taking care of the finer details, yet Nightmare’s Gate were remarkably witty in their choice of design. From start to finish we were mesmerized at the stunning sets and at one point you are forced to crawl on hands and knees to navigate through, which was an excellent addition most commented by our group as we exited. This haunt has so many rooms that test every level of fear. It’s unsettling as you are on your knees, twisted sideways, venture through blood soaked rooms, fog filled passages, and forced to find your way out of pitch black rooms. Many of the effects throughout were strategically placed and provide wonderful scares that spooked our team, which we thought was almost impossible to do! Our friends from Haunt Review joined us and their leader, Bryan, got a scare so unexpected that everyone in our group ventured through the house AGAIN just to experience their creative genius one more time!

One of the most fascinating rooms is an eerie swamp complete with a crashed boat, low lit fog, and shaky wooden bridge guests walk on but be careful…you never know whom you’ll run into. This is where we encountered one of THE best scareactors of the night. She was so fantastic we will be featuring her in a new series, Scareactor Spotlight (her interview will be posted soon). Never saying a word, she dances from bridge to bridge disappearing in the dense fog. We were so puzzled where she could hide until one our team members felt a cool breeze on the back of her neck and she laughed and expressed that she has NEVER wanted to leave a room so fast! Bravo, swamp dancer, bravo! We caught up with the actress, Sadira Alvarez and she gave us a little insight into her character. “There’s actually a reason my character doesn’t talk. She’s kindof like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings! She’s been away from civilization and humanity for so long, she’s become something else…Something more sinister. I really wanted to portray that so I took away her voice.”

We ran into all sorts of characters throughout our journey, all of whom made us part of the story as they took our screams and laughs and used it to scare us even more.

Overall, our team was pleasantly surprised at our experience. This haunt on every level deserves national attention for their awe-inspiring sets, incredible team of actors, and a design team that has created one of the most creepy and original attractions we have seen in the last few years. We loved it so much that we will be venturing there again before the end of the season!

Nightmare’s Gate got a solid 4.5 out 5 skulls from our team and they pull out everything to make sure each guests get their money’s worth of fright and terror. We highly recommend grabbing your friends and experience all the scares this fantastic haunt will throw at you.  Trust us, you won’t regret it.

For a reasonable $20 per person for a lengthly visit through Brasky State Prison, join them as they open their doors this Friday, September 25 and will be open Thursday-Sundays throughout the month of October. Tickets can be purchased directly at the site (look for the prison bus) where very friendly staff can answer any questions you may have. For more information, check out their Facebook page or online at their website.


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