Spotlight: Zombie Farms

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Years ago Cynthia, joined by her husband Patrick made a bold decision. Turning their dreams into reality, they sold their home of 15 years to purchase a farm…Zombie Farms, that is.  A true family run business (with their 3 children participating), they have created an incredible 33 acre haunted event just on the outskirts of Athens, GA.

After purchasing tickets, a storyteller reveals the legends of the land as guests gather ’round the campfire and prepare for the festivities. It is a special treat and a great illusion that Zombie Farms is very proud of. All original content produced by Patrick, designed specifically to create a cohesive atmosphere that guests will experience along their way.

Zombie Farms isn’t your typical plot of land turned haunted attraction, instead this dynamic duo created a full immersive theatrical experience within this land full of spiritual unrest. The haunt plays out like a full scale production with a storyline full of twists. Last years tale, the Legend of Smithonia Road, unveiled the ghosts of Angus and Luma, whom roam these fields with a wrath of vengeance and harvesting souls within the darkness.

In their third year of production,  Luma returns and is throwing an affair to remember… a masquerade party with a gothic twist – The Masque of the Red Death. Of course, those brave enough to attend get to watch the story unfold and a short video detailing the history of Luma is displayed before guests enter the trail.

Throughout the woods, there are various scenes with over 50 actors bringing the story alive and working to scare and entertain guests as they embark on this haunted journey. Many of the actors have been with Zombie Farms since the beginning, are well trained, and eager to create an interactive experience that feels as realistic as possible.

It doesn’t end there as Zombie Farms has a fantastic new addition this year. Behind the Masque tour, an exclusive behind the scenes excursion led by a guide through the backside of the haunt. Here, guests can ask questions, experience scenes from an actor’s point-of-view, visit the actor camp, and most importantly, become part of history by participating live during the event. An additional fee is required to experience this exclusive tour and only 100 tickets will be sold each night.

Our team eagerly anticipates arriving at Zombie Farms this October and with only 3 weekends available, we urge you to visit this amazing and original haunted attraction. Tickets can be purchased on site ($20) but arrive early for those wanting to participate and experience the Behind the Masque tour (additional $15 fee). For more information check out their site


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