Roswell Ghost Tour

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“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts…”
Travel outside of Atlanta and experience the lovely suburb of Roswell. A charming city full of history that happens to have a bustling ghost presence. We were delighted to learn of a popular excursion coincidentally located five minutes from our home and couldn’t wait to experience the Roswell Ghost Tour.

Full of history about Roswell accompanied with spine tingling stories of the past, Dianna and Joe Avena have proven fantastic ghost tours DO exist and are packed with a chilling punch. Our group ventured out on a Wednesday evening and while we joined a very quiet group (not much interaction from the guide experiences or questions brought up) we maintained to have a frightfully good time. Hearing the history of our city was unbelievably captivating. I won’t spoil the great history easily attained through internet searches but the ghosts that haunt this city have quite the reputation.

Before the tour began, our group met with our guide at Roswell Square. Here you sign a liability waiver (and get a cool souvenir pen!) as you wait for the arrival of those joining the tour.  We utilized this moment to speak with our guide and co-owner, Dianna, about the history of the ghost tour. Author of “Roswell: History, Haunts, and Legends” she is an encyclopedia of knowledge and we used our time wisely to hear some fascinating facts from her. As she spoke to us, her phone was constantly buzzing with text messages. Apparently, any time there is “activity” around Roswell, Dianna is the first one contacted.

“The chairs at Bulloch Hall are rocking again…”

She had received this message from staff at the mansion and a few other locals that had driven by and witnessed the mysterious chairs rocking by themselves. Was this an accident? Sheer coincidence? Dianna was on a mission to find out. Her experience allows her to dispel sightings in a blink of an eye. She can quickly round up the facts to determine if true activity has occurred. Lucky for us… all of the facts leaned in our favor. The ghosts were present.

Our group anxiously awaiting the start of our tour set off for Bulloch Hall. Mind you, only 3 of us were aware of the activity. The rest of the group knew nothing of the sightings made just hours earlier. As we approached we learned of the history of the beautiful mansion and the ghosts within it. Here, our group was informed of the rocking chairs and the countless sightings of their movement. To our dismay as we strolled around with our cameras ready to capture the spirits, none came out to play. Let us not deter you though as there are MANY experiences to be had along your tour. There is no formula to have the ghosts (at least we aren’t aware of one) make their presence known but trust us there have been numerous sightings of various kinds at this location alone.

There are many stops along this wonderful 2 hour tour. While no one in our group experienced any paranormal activities on this night, we learned of various encounters. Evidence of some of these are documented on the Roswell Ghost Tour website (click photo below). We will warn you, the last stop is VERY CREEPY. Our co founder, Michelle, had head to toe chills while exploring this vacant property and once you learn the history…you’ll see why.

Have we sparked your interest? Hurry fast and purchase your tickets for this amazing tour. During peak season (the month of October) there are Spirit crawls available in addition to the normal ghost tour. Both tours are worth every single penny and portions of ticket sales go directly into preserving the various sites visited along the tour.

Don’t forget to purchase Dianna’s book before your tour!

Have you been on this tour? Comment below and tell us of any encounters you experienced!
Happy Haunting,
Michelle & Rock

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