Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

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Can you survive…

With films and TV focusing on all things zombie in recent years it should come as no surprise that a haunted house with a Zombie centered theme would arise. Our team has seen many over the years; all the same with the undead taking over cities and how YOU have to escape it. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, known to Atlantans as AZA; took this idea, stomped on it, then created a brilliant, all original concept. From start to finish you are thrown immediately into the middle of the apocalypse.

Testing your mental, physical, and even emotional capacities throughout, the AZA crew were on their A game to create an authentic “real life” experience. Wardrobed in head to toe combat gear, their team was ready to take you straight into the apocalypse…would you survive? If you listen to your guides along the way, your group should make it through but any troublemakers will be sacrificed. As you delve into world of AZA, each scenario you are thrown into is as real as navigating your way through a video game or action movie. While we won’t spoil the experience for you, let it be known you are in for one hell of a wild ride. Be sure to wear your running shoes because this is not your typical haunted house and yes, my friends, you WILL RUN.

“I can’t see anything…Don’t let the zombies hear us…Be scooby doo quiet so we don’t get caught”

Does a haunted attraction need animatronics, huge special effects, and boat loads of chainsaws to be successful? AZA proves that a mile long, adrenaline filled experience is more than enough to be unbelievably amazing. Even the zombies who “jump” at you are scary enough to make you run harder and faster than you could imagine. Proof that no matter how much you spend on your haunted house, in the end it’s all about your actors and the experience they provide to each guest who cross their paths. At AZA, the big outbreak has occurred and you don’t want to get bit. Your group will be in and out of buildings, up and down stairwells, and running through paths to safety. You will be cornered, chased, and at some point completely surrounded by the infected. Our team LOVED this experience from start to finish. By far the best haunted attraction we have seen in years!

Ready for more? The fun doesn’t stop there.

Nothing transforms you into a gun slinging badass like Zombie Killer. That’s right, there’s more for your group to enjoy with the second attraction “Zombie Killer”. My only complaint is that Woody Harrelson’s famously acted “Tallahassee” wasn’t standing next to us killing off the infected that approached us. Follow the rules and keep your guide safe. It’s a killer good time for everyone as you navigate through the dark woods to escape. No double tapping though, please.

In the end, our group laughed, screamed, got some cardio in, and enjoyed every minute. Shane Morton, Jonathan Rej, and their fantastic team provide endless amounts of entertainment and we suggest that you RUN and see if you can survive the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse before it’s too late!

Get your tickets for Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse!

Want a taste of the AZA experience? Check out their film trailer here. This haunt is THAT good it even has a film inspired by it.

Happy Haunting,

Michelle & Rock


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