Let the Haunt Season Begin!

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We are thrilled to start off our 2014 Haunt Tour. Some count down to other holidays…we count down to the official beginning of the haunt season. With that said, we kicked off with one of the best known haunts in the country. NETHERWORLD!

While this haunt needs no introduction, Netherworld is known for consistently putting together a great “experience” for fans since 1997. It says something about your haunt when people are afraid to even exit their vehicles because the scares start there. Yes, for all of you Netherworld rookies, heed this warning…your car isn’t off limits to the “NetherSpawn” cast. They take waiting in line to a whole new level by offering a variety of entertainment, photo ops, and frightfully fun spooks as you prepare to enter each house.

This year Ben, Billy, and their amazing team have put together two haunts (Spliced and Season of the Witch) for us to enjoy. Our crew attended the second night of their opening weekend.  Much to our surprise, Netherworld was packed, which was a delight to see as it appears even non Halloween-atics are excited about the season! Let us take a moment to kindly offer some advice for anyone attending this year. Go early and pre-purchase your tickets online (www.fearworld.com)! Our team arrived at 8pm and the ticket line was already at a 20 minute wait. By the time we grabbed our tickets, the line was around the building and into the parking lot. We heard at this point the wait to purchase tickets was about 40 minutes. So save yourself some time and purchase tickets online ahead of your arrival. Also, 8pm was a great arrival time as we like to enjoy the haunt in the proper elements (dark evening, about an hour after opening). In total we waited for 30 minutes for each haunt and were able to enjoy the photo opportunities and spooktacular scares that were occurring all around us. If you don’t like to wait, Netherworld offers a VIP ticket that takes you right to the front of the line (an additional $20 that our crew opted out of). If you have read any of our previous reviews, you’ll understand we tend to not spoil your fun with details. Since many of our out of town friends will be arriving for closing weekend, we will give a full detailed review then.

“Spliced”, the first stop on our tour is the smaller, darker, more violent house. Visually stunning decor, great actor placement, and fantastic scares set this haunt apart from the larger upstairs house. A few props from previous years were very well recycled and unless you’re into details (like our Set Design enthusiast, Michelle) you will not even notice. This haunt from start to finish was “great, awesome, incredible” as our team all said after our exit. The final room fell flat to our founder, Rock. To show you just how different our founders opinions are, here’s a direct quote from Michelle:

“The final room was awesome! Never in my 20 years of attending haunts have I truly wanted to EXIT the house faster than I just did. Brilliant exit to Spliced!”

Our team LOVED this house, however, we were all in agreement about the lackluster lighting throughout. With a master like Roy Wooley serving as head Makeup Artist and his creative team, we couldn’t believe how barely visible the amazing makeup applications were. Majority of folks won’t even notice but we are big fans of Roy and his incredible talents. Why not showcase more of it in the future? Overall, this haunt received 8/10 skulls!

In all fairness to Netherworld, our team decided not to post our thoughts of the second haunt “Season of the Witch”. With big crowds and new employees, the kinks tend to get worked out during opening weekend. We hope the Netherspawn Crew learn from the big crowds and increase the gap between groups instead of just allowing all to enter at once with no “pulsing” the queue. Our crew looks forward to attending this haunt because once again, spectacular decor was limitless in the larger house.

This is a “MUST EXPERIENCE” haunted attraction. From start to finish, the Netherworld team have done it again with their amazing talents. We hope you gather your friends and family together and journey to 6624 Dawson Blvd in Norcross. It’s a spooktacular time for all!

Want an inside look? Take a peek at what you can expect at Netherworld this fall and stop by your neighborhood Subway Restaurant to pick up a coupon for your tickets ($8 off Mon-Wed, $3 off Thursday-Sunday).

Happy Haunting,
Michelle & Rock


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