Review: Jekyll & Hyde Club in NYC

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If you didn’t already know, we here at the Atlanta Haunt Review write about more than just “haunts”. We will feature and review any event related to the Haunt Industry. So one of our founders was in the Big Apple this weekend. Here’s her take on one of the most “haunted” restaurants in the city.

I was given an amazing opportunity to visit The Big Apple and knew while I was there a trip to Jekyll & Hyde Club was a MUST. Lucky for me this restaurant/bar was literally around the corner from my hotel in Times Square. As you approach the facade of this restaurant you are greeted by a charming character who asks why you are entering the JHC. The actor who approached us was fantastic. Staying in character the entire time with his creepy demeanor and a smug look across his face. Only a 3 minute wait and we were asked to step into the phone booth. “Do you know the secret code, my friend?” he asks. Unfortunately, we didn’t so he was kind enough to give us a hint. “I think you may be looking for some RUBBER GLOVES today…” then slammed the door shut. Turning the dial to ring the man on the other side we had a short conversation, spoke the secret code, and voila….the door slowly opens to reveal a dark, candle lit room covered with mirrors.

This part was a bit annoying to our group as they filled the dark lit room with others waiting outside. There was a big group from France who were terrified even walking into the room. They spoke really loudly during the performance and promptly started to take selfies of their “scared” faces. Therefore, during this scene, I was not able to hear the story before entering the next room.

As the bookcase door slowly opened we were greeted by another character who gave us the “rules” and then asked us all to take a group photo. If you have a large group, I advise to take advantage of this as you can purchase a souvenir photo afterwards. The decor in this room was stunning and reminiscent of a gothic style mansion from the 30s. Walking up a flight of stairs you enter the gift shop which was also beautifully decorated with all kinds of various items with spooktacular flair. Take a moment and walk around as they have tons of items that are very interesting and the level of detail in the decor is a haunters delight!

Another flight up and you reach the main restaurant level. Every turn of the head reveals one interesting item of decor after another. While our group did not dine at JHC we did sit in the bar area for some cocktails. I was really bummed to learn that the “Signature Glass” was out of stock and had been for over a month. The specialty drinks we enjoyed were delicious and sweet as we sat and enjoyed the scenery around us. Every 10 minutes there’s another performance, whether it be one of the mummies, statues, or interactive portraits on the wall….there’s always something happening. I won’t give away the spoilers but all of the performances we experienced were amazing, well acted, and not terribly frightening (so all ages can enjoy it).

Did I mention there is also a haunted house on location? The Chambers of Horror is open year-round and is located on the same level as the restaurant/bar. Finishing up our tasty beverages we made our way to the Chamber. One of the perks of NYC is that you have a lot of actors available to work your haunt and the ones hired at the Chamber of Horrors were simply brilliant. Kudos especially go out to woman who portrayed the Nurse at the check-in. She was creepy and owned her part. I am a scareactors nightmare as I don’t freak out or scare easily but this young woman had me backing away and ready to get inside the haunt. Well done, nurse, well done. The haunted house overall was just ok. I imagine during peak season it is an incredible haunt but we only encountered 3 scare actors during our walk through. They were really good scares and were perfectly timed and had everyone in our party walking a bit faster. Once again, the level of detail was outstanding in majority of the rooms. The rest were dark hallways you had to “frankenstein” your way around.

Overall, I’m still smiling from ear to ear about my experience at the Jekyll and Hyde Club. I give it an 8/10 skulls and highly recommend any haunt enthusiast to pay a visit to this awesome establishment.

Happy Haunting,



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